Western Rebel Alliance – Western Rebel Alliance

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Artist: Western Rebel Alliance
Album: Western Rebel Alliance
Record Label: Twisted
Label Website: twistedmusic.com
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Cheese :: The Western Rebel Alliance Story

Periodically throughout life, one comes across a piece of cheese which they have not tried before. Sometimes this cheese is a bit too gamey and sometimes it is a bit too bland. Sometimes it smells good but tastes poor. Sometimes it is wonderful cold and on some yummy bread or a cracker, but sucks when melted into a warm gooeyness pile of melted nacho heaven. Other cheeses aren’t even cheese at all, and are instead cheese-product. A concept which I have a hard time fully understanding.

Western Rebel Alliance’s debut self-titled album from Twisted Records is a magnificent piece of cheese. It is an album which is both a smooth easy listening album and a warm calming psychedelic experience. Throughout the nine tracks on this album, we are offered a nice balance between the atmospheric instrumentals, perhaps with some excellently chosed spoken words samples, and tracks featuring the lovely Paula Crawford (aka ‘The Duchess’) whisping and lullabying you in and out of conscious existence. The music on here is rich, deep and soft, like a big warm pile of melted cheddar cheese; when adding in the voice of Paula, the tracks bring forth a liveliness of the soul which captures the feeling one might have after waking up in a tent after a nice long sleep in the mountainside with your love by your side.

Getting out of the tent, boiling up some water for a cup of tea or coffee and watching the forest creatures frolic and play. The natural comfort of those moments is what this album offers. Sure, some of it may come off a bit on the cheese side of things, but really, who doesn’t like cheese? And if you don’t, what is wrong with you?

This is an album made for late night, going to bed, waking up, relaxing by the fire, lowering your heart rate while stuck in traffic and raising your heart rate while with your lover. I am rating this disk a 9 on the pure thought that maybe the next album will be even better and I will want to rate it higher. But there are no flaws within this disk. Just as there are no flaws with eating a steaming yummy pile of nachos for breakfast.


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