Long long ago in a galaxy far far far away, there was a little psychedelic community bubbling about in the Pacific Northwest.
One afternoon it was decided that we were all too poor and landlocked to really experience any of the awesome Psychedelic Trance festivals that happened all over the world, so fuck it. Most “live” acts are some blokes on CDJs or, even worse, unplugged gear. We had mad psychedelic-trip-yo-shit-out skills. So we each chose an artist to emulate and then we assembled the Dream Team line up.


And then we started promoting the party.
That was free.
And seemed to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

It took a little while, but after people got done thinking that I was trying to scam them out of all of that non money they were gonna not pay, we went into the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest and channeled some fucking cosmic shit.

The sheer number of black light fixtures that we brought for this showed our dedication. Black light wattage should EASILY double the sound wattage.

and, since it is the northwest, THE FUCKING RAIN.
The stories of the rain, the fire, the flooded tent, the cops impounding the generator, lots of moistnesss. Lots of Psychedelic the way it was meant to be.
GOA PARTY was more than a party. It was an adventure.

The online flame wars of “intentionality” and how we… how to phrase this properly… let’s just say that a bunch of stupid as fuck hippies thought that we were dicks for having a good time because weird goa music about aliens and swirly stupid noises, to them, was some really deep religious thing and needs to be respected. Fuck that.

The following year we did GOA PARTY 2.3 which was a trip backward in time.
We started off with that year 2007, and then went backward in time throughout the night and into the morning wherein we ended with 1994.

Some photos of GOA PARTY 2.3!

The following year was the great TriLOLgy to celebrate Flag Day, two of our dear friends’ wedding, and a special visit from our friend Sean Process, who I consider to be a Portlander that simply is on a long holiday but will return again at some point. It was also the year that the large Penske truck that I was driving through mountain roads slipped on a wet spot and left me nearly dead at the bottom of a mountain. Luckily, the truck rolled into a tree off to the right instead of down the unknown depths of darkness to the left. I still get creeped out on mountain roads now.

Then the final GOA PARTY: GO4 P4RTY 4 (in the increasingly inaccurately named GOA PARTY TR1LOLGY series), featured a 25hour marathon set from THE GOA GIL CONSTRICTOR.
I figured it was time for someone to challenge the old man to a battle, old school Brooklyn style. He declined.
So I decided to play for 25 hours with a couple dozen of my best friends and DJing partners.

Every hour, I would tag team a set with a different DJ. I did a few sets alone and then the rest with a well mixed assortment of locals and friends that I have always wanted to play some music with. It was a great experience playing for that long and if anyone would ever let me do it again, I will gladly play another marathon set for people.

After that… well… the Goa died.

Well, not really.

And, regardless, if you made it this far, here is a treat for you.
It’s a single long 8 hour recording of the first GOA PARTY.
It was a very psychedelic affair and in the middle of a fucking tsunami-like storm, so there are a few technical issues.

So, here is this file… Listen to the recording from the first GOA PARTY (which then would change the world…)


**Filling in for TRANSWAVE will be none other than our local hero MALACLYPSE
**Taking the role of PRANA shall be the wonderfully new addition to our neighborhood ELECTRIC MAYHEM
**Bringing the KOXBOX to the NW with slickness and style is the great SHADOWVEX
**Being three people at once isn’t easy, but neither is he. SUN PROJECT shall be covered by the magnificent PG13
**The honorable JUNO REACTOR will be brought to life by the only person worthy of such a feat, FRACTALIEN
**Filling in the shoes of the very tough ETNICA will be none other than our resident sex machine MARSH MACY
**In a move towards alienating himself further, HALLUCINOGEN shall be destroyed by THE GOA CONSTRICTOR
**Jizzing all over the wet dreams of X-DREAM is our spiritual leader THE BAD PIONEER 2000
**MAN WITH NO NAME shall be gracefully delivered by a man named ULTRA-TOM
**Bringing some PSYCHAOS to your already chaotic night is the obvious choice of MANIFEST
**COSMOSIS* once played at his house party, now he gets to play COSMOSIS, give it up for CRISPY*
**And, last but not least (although quite possibly the shortest), standing tall for the immortal QUIRK is the lovely GOAPIXIE

*(except Ry.N filled in for Crispy as Cosmosis)

[editor’s note: it appears that the file is solid up until the end of Cosmosis. So you get Hallucinogen -> Cosmosis on this one. Sorry to the later morning performers. I think the recording device had an 8hour limit]


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