Guest Appearance on KBOO

On Friday, September 5th I will be making a guest appearance on DJ Tronic’s radio program Plugged In on Portland’s KBOO radio!

The show broadcasts from 10pm – midnight (PDT) on 90.7FM in Portland and streams around the world at KBOO.FM!
I’ll be playing one hour and the other will be curated by another local Psychedelic/Goa Trance DJ.

Mark your calendars and tune-in!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on the air and I’m greatly looking forward to it!

The Final Evolution

Great time was had at the final Esthetic Evolution this past weekend.
Lovely seeing everyone out in Idaho again and this time I wasn’t booked to play concurrently with Ott as I was last time.

Hope everyone travels safe back home from their adventures to the meadow and I hope we all cross paths again some day.

I’ve been busy in the studio putting together my new album of Nu-Grebo music. It’s far removed from psychedelic trance, but if you are into the sounds of Pop Will Eat Itself, Gorillaz, Ween, Mogwai, Damon Albarn, and Graham Coxon, you might enjoy my new music. I’ll post links to the new bandbcamp page as soon as it’s ready for visitors, but the website for the project is over at:



I have decided to remove all of the Facebook links from my website.
After much thought and consideration, I felt that I no longer wanted the Facebook powers-that-be to have all of the snooping data that they collect from websites that link to them.

With Facebook no longer allowing people like me to reach my fans through their site without paying the money, they no longer get to have me supply them with the data which they mine for profits. Facebook can go eat a dick and suck on my shit.

So, no more “liking” my mixes or anything like that. You can still “Like” my public persona page and follow me on Facebook (if you are ever lucky enough to have one my posts show up on your wall) by clicking here.

And I know what you all are saying, “But Goa, doesn’t that link, or the ones I see on other pages, provide Facebook with the same data mining portal of shit?” To which I respond: my links are now links to a Google search. Click the button and Google will find my Facebook page and send you there.