Q. Is it “Goa Constrictor” or “The Goa Constrictor” or “Shaman Goa Constrictor” or “King Goa Constrictor”?
A. Much like The Highlander, there can be only one. I am The Goa Constrictor. There was/is some kid on Isratrance who tried to take over my name for a short bit of time, a guy in Australia trying to write music as Goa Constrictor, a series of crappy generic sounding psytrance compilation CDs called “Goa Constrictor Vol. [whatever]” with shitty covers that have nothing to do with me, and some guy on some IRPG forums/games/worlds/lands that uses the handle as well; but those are all simply imposters who came around long after I had already been using the name (and URL). I used to go by both Goa Constrictor and The Goa Constrictor —— preferring “The Goa Constrictor” because there can be only one.
Q. Who are you?
A. Whether being issued Cease and Desist orders from Infected Mushroom, getting death threats from angry punters, spinning 25-hour marathon sets in the forest or spewing subversive ideas on his infamous radio show FABULOUS! Radio, The Goa Constrictor has been changing the face of psychedelic culture in the NW since the late 1990s. Not one to be afraid of pushing boundaries, your brain, or the dance floor into unexpected places, The Goa Constrictor is sure to take you on a journey to someplace new.

Q. What’s the story behind the Infected Mushroom drama and the death threat?
A. The now infamous ordeal is nicely summed up here.

Q. What are real people saying about The Goa Constrictor?
A. “The Goa Constrictor transforms dreams into the truth”

“The Goa Constrictor is the Stephen King of the shitty techno world”

“When Goa Constrictor plays bass, the speaker cones hold still and the world moves back and forth.”

“Some people even say that The Goa Constrictor looks a bit taller these days.”

“Egypt’s new found freedom is a direct result of The Goa Constrictor’s never ending battle against boring psychedelic music”

“The Goa Constrictor totally would have saved those kittens from that tree. You know, if the fire department hadn’t already been there and stuff.”

“Since the untimely death of Michael Jackson, The Goa Constrictor is known as the King of Pop.”

“The Goa Constrictor has seen performers such as: Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, Guns n Roses, Daft Punk, Orbital, The Prodigy, and many more”

“So good…Chuck Norris good”

“A dam’s courage could be summed up to the molecular weight in mass of a constricted Goa. This directly correlates to the response of humans to Goa Constrictor’s bitchin’ output in ways that are far too psychedelic to confabulate in written word.”

“The Goa Constrictor = Hawt.”

“Makes you wet with sound”

“After playing “Hail to the King” on my phone once or twice, my headphones (the kind with subwoofers in them) are officially blown out. Well done. *applauds*”

Q. Why did you “retire” from gigs?
A. It was more of a “sabbatical” than a “retirement,” but it was/is for personal reasons…and all true rockstars go through their period of reclusiveness. I couldn’t let that part of the story go overlooked…
That said, the “retirement” is long over, so if you think your party is ready to handle some Psyriously Psychedelic business, either of the dancing or the squirming on the ground kind, please get in touch!

-King Goa

More Questions? Email: faq[at]goaconstrictor[dot]com

No added psugars.
No added psalts.
100% free range, cage free, organic Psychedelic.
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