Hail to the King


Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, a true King knows when he should stay hidden and be a regular person, and when he should stand tall and claim his throne as the King and lead his people to glory. After taking a two-year break, it is time for me to rise again and claim my rightful throne as the King; King Goa Constrictor.

It’s been over two years since I have made a proper psychedelic trance mix and now it’s time for me to unleash the glory and defend my title of King.

Every now and then I come across someone else on the Internet trying to claim to be “the goa constrictor” and this simply will not fly. I am The Goa Constrictor. I am your Shaman Goa Constrictor. I am the King Goa Constrictor. You other goa constrictors should really just stop pretending.

Anyway, so here is this mix. A three-hour-thirty-minute long journey through the world of the psychedelic. We start things off with a nice gentle groove before we explode into full power psychedelic madness and chaos. Then shit gets bassy, glitched out, and krunked before crashing through some retro glory and then finally calming down and ending with the panty moistener of the summer.

So go get yourself a drop of the psychedelic, turn on your mood lighting, and settle in for the night.
Hail to the King because shit’s gonna get psychedelic.

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[artists – track]
Justin Timeberlake – Don’t Hold the Wall
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Rock Bitch (Tongue and Groove Remix)
Deedrah – Out of Control
Ectima – Black Humor (Original Mix)
Paps – The Real Life
ECT – Squawk (Slight Return)
Ubar Tmar – Hallelujah
The Delta – As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Two in One)
OOOD – The King and Eye
Process – 10,000 Thrill Seekers
Pavel Svimba – Cheese Garlic Story
Axid vs XSlash vs Gitelss – Hey
Electric Universe – The Point
Twilight – Ice Ice Baby
Synthetic – The Time Bandits (Vampires in the Drainpipe Edit)
Tonal Disruption – Henbane
Re:Creation – Process of Creation
Kirna – Badunkadunk
Mullet Mohawk – Erikeeper 33
Luomuhappo – Festareilla vol 2
Snog – The Last Days of Rome (Sir Real Remix)
Spaztech – Depression
Jam Jarr – Krunk Jaw
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild (Saiko Disco Remix)
Defib – Boingonium
Psychaos – Intellect
Nervasystem & Aether – Arouser
Masa – Things to Come
Musik Magier – Psybocolus
Tristan Boyle – Arkitecht
Speaking Robots vs Answer – UFO Attack
Empirion – Ciao
Quietman – Now & Zen (Earth Nation Remix)
Electric Arc – Cherry Blossoms (2012 Coboi Bepop Mix)
Kraftwerk – Computerlove
Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie



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No added psalts.
100% free range, cage free, organic Psychedelic.
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