One of the things that I have always held dear to my heart with music is the ability that it has to reflect different emotions, and make different connections, based upon your own feeling during a moment in time.

I remember reading an interview with Trent Reznor sometime around the late 90s. He was talking about how he writes his lyrics. His stuff obviously reaches into a certain well of emotions and thoughts but he himself is not really that depressed or angry. When writing, he started with a root emotion or thought, and then expanded it like a balloon, allowing the feeling to develop and grow into something large. By doing that, that emotion became more relatable to more people. Everyone could see pieces of themselves within some context of those songs, even if it wasn’t the entire track or album. Your personal timing of when you found the album or song greatly impacted how you remembered the song and made those connections resonate.

I’ve been going through waves of connections to various forms of music recently.
I’ve been finding some great catchy pop music, some lush downtempo, and some fun and exciting upbeat psytrance too. It’s been real nice.

I went through a disconnection for a short period of time and sort of lost the plot, but music is ringing in my ears and becoming an emotional charge again. This is good. I look forward to sharing some of this with you all soon too.

I need to reformat my computer and then I’ll start doing radio shows again. Sorry for the delay.

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