Texas Faggott – TRANZ TOILETTÉ

Artist: Texas Faggott

Album: Tranz Toilette

Label: Bandcamp



You know, it’s been so long since I have written an album review, I almost wondered if I would ever actually do it again. But, then again, I kind of thought that Texas Faggott was over and dead too, so perhaps this is a fitting excuse to write a review.

Well, that and the fact that this album is fucking AWESOME.

Over the years, Timo has been focusing so much on the Mandalavandalz and Satanic Disney monikers that I kind of assumed that Texas Faggott was over and done with. It servered its purpose, did its time, and was time to let that moniker be put to rest and allow for other monikers to explore the new sounds. But, that’s just kind of stupid. Texas Faggott will always be the top tier moniker for Timo’s music and he may as well use it from time to time.

Now, if you follow the discography of Timo’s output, you’ll know that Mandalavandalaz “The King of the Bad Trips” was kind of his last full length release. And it was a solid nutron bomb of psychedelic madness.
It’s really hard for me to find most of what is considered “forest” or “dark psy” to be anything but laughable because Timo just fucking NAILED ‘The King of the Bad Trips’ so masterfully. THAT was an album that was dark, twisted, scary, and psychedelic. Where was he to go from there?

Well, ‘Tranz Toilette’ is a pretty fucking solid return to form.
I’ve had a weird torrid affair with the Psychedelic Dance world for a little while now. Shit was getting boring and stale. I was an emotional pile of rubbish. Things just weren’t coming together properly. Then, over this past winter, I was reborn and recognized my role as King. Since then, I’ve been gobbling up different psychedelic sounds and let me tell you, Tranz Toilette is everything I could have hoped it would be.

Timo has a unique skill and take on psychedelic music. He understands the aliens, the sylphs, the massive use of panning, the gated vocals and samples, proper use of a bass line, and of course, all of the weird swirling and chirping alien sounds. The fucker composes extremely gratifying alien rush hour traffic cosmic dance music.

In a way, that’s all I need to say.
If you’re already a fan of Texas Faggott and the related projects, this new album will not disappoint.
If you’re not already a fan, I really don’t know if this is the album that will change your mind. But, maybe you should try again anyway.

Timo is of a rare breed in the Psychedelic Trance world; often imitated, never quite copied, always able to bring together the warmth of a morning melody with the darkness of the nastiest twisted music out there.

Another A+ for Timo and thanks again for all of the lovely music over the years.

-King Goa Constrictor

5 thoughts on “Texas Faggott – TRANZ TOILETTÉ

  1. duuuuuuuude!!!!! killer review for killer tuneskis. u r a tru king! had no idea this was coming out. thanks for keeping my sorry ass in the loop. am listening as i type… =)

  2. FU)£( FUX”£ and more FUNK!! Reload Captchaa…. my comment went lost. anyhow.
    It is very psychedelic and very weeeeird at the same time, i love it :)… it is that kind of music that you need when you are having that psecksual galactic intercourse with your mind… and want to get the best out of it (: ! I really am happy thatthe K1nG so awesomely reviewed it and there I went listneing and enjoying this psykedellic mastapiece. CheeeeeerZzzZ!

  3. Hello Adam ma brotha dere is no otha u awalays da motha!!! 🙂
    After equaldreams.com and Master Sharaku both shut down and all my releases from that online label went with the store on equaldreams. I was sorta not releasing shit anymore for a while, until I realised bandcamp has always been even better it seems, with the option to fuckin even listen to the tunes DUH!?`!?! 😀 No wonder equaldreams didn\’t make it if nobody even could listen to the track completely before deciding about buiying it. There was also some complaints about piratism on their goodbye letter to users; wtf they didn\’t think ppl would download music ever anymore after they make their site? I mean esp. most of the finnish pop there nobody would buy even if it was the last c-cassette on earth anyway, I dare to bet… ..So then I found bandcamp and thought to quick test it out for one time to see how it works, and just randomly chose tracks to upload from here and there mostly trying to put the lost rytmimystiikka store stuff back online, but then it started to seem like they want a whole album there so I threw in one extended remix of one equaldreams track (7 min instead of what.. 4? or something? :D) for compensation. Also there\’s 2 unreleased, but old tracks I found lying around some corner of a media somewhere, they would obviously be the first and last tracks. SO ANYWAY MISTER YOU WHO WE MISS SO MUCH: It wasn\’t even meant to be a release or album at all, just a test and when I came back to check the site I googled myself into your killer review. Damn man, whaddya mean it\’s not like the good old days sometimes, at least alone walking in the forest off your tits in minus 30 celsius with the shit playing on headphones!!! Never mind the discothequé, I mean it\’s crowded in there with em smelly hippiez anywayz.

    Anyway to wrap this crap up for now I\’d like to say I\’m stoked to hear from you (since i left FB years ago too..) and to see that you made my testrun into a real album with your wisdom. BOW TO THE KING CONSTRICTOR !!! GOA WILL N E V E R DIE 😉 !!! PS. Greetz from Pasi, we think about you all the time. Stay like totally like, well, unkow.. ..King! :)) <3 And PS. Send our love to the Nethers and co. from us won't u thnx hope to see u someday again. My wife really want's to see the states cause I've told her so nice things about all u there so it might even happen, u never know!! :)))

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