Benza – if

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Artist: Benza
Album: if
Label: Sub
Artist MySpace Page:
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Here I am listening to the newest Benza album when out of nowhere I wondered to myself, ‘Did I ever finish writing that Benza review that I started last year?’…

No, it appears that I did not.

This is a crying shame and totally not okay. Since I have a free moment right now, please allow me the opportunity to correct this massive oversight. Benza has a new album! It is his fourth album, it has the title ‘if’, it is released on Sub Records, and it is really good.

I would classify it as a comfortable and pretty psychedelic progressive techno album. Kind of like the newer Electric Arc and Justin Space material mixed with some of that Fuzzion stuff. Slick like oiled vinyl and soft like cashmere, this is music designed to get a party’s rocks off with a purposeful method of slow resolution.

I want to make a bad stand-up comedian joke and say,

However that would be wrong; I will not say that.
I will however think about that imagery for a moment.
Then I’ll stop and continue listening to the percussion that rolls from left speaker and back to the right again. I’ll pay attention to the cutup voices that jibber-jabber across the living room (or theoretical dance floor). I’ll feel that pulse of rhythm and story that get woven together for a journey that keeps you engaged throughout the entirety of the disk.

It’s quite pleasant.

Part of me wants to talk about each sound, melody, transition, and voice that I find to be awesome. This would be problematic though, because I would be writing about every moment of every song. You’d get bored and miss out on the opportunity to discover it all for yourself. I wouldn’t want to do that to you. I like you too much to ruin the fun!

Now, I have been informed lately that I should be a touch more critical with my reviews and maybe mention info that I know might be good for people to know, even if it might turn those people off. So I would like to mention that there are two things that might influence your opinion of this album.

First, some people I have talked with over the past few months have a real problem with track 6, Jacob ft. Bias B. This song has an added element of hiphop vocals for a portion of the song. I like it, but I also like hiphop. Some others really aren’t into them and people actually complain about this. However, it’s just one song and you should just accept the fact that it is good. Don’t fear the MC.

Secondly, there are only 1 or 2 songs on here that start atmospherically with pads. Virtually all tracks start with the beat and work like a normal progressive techno or progressive house song. Which is fine most of the time, but makes it hard for heavy BPM changes and creativity in DJ sets. Having options in your material makes it more fun to play out and opens up more doors for creative mixing. Again, not a big deal, but it might be nice to mention for those DJs who like having that info.

All in all, this album will work with many different types of atmospheres and is simply good music to play while decorating cookies.
Good work Benza! Now come back to the Pacific Northwest and entertain us!


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