Troll Scientists – Sir Eel

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Artist: Troll Scientists
Album: Sir Eel
Record Label: Exogenic
Artist MySpace:
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You know, Troll Scientists are really good. Their whole “thing” is massively awesome. I dig it. A lot. Their first album, Useless Science, off of Space Boogie Productions was a simply awesome. I wrote at length about it here. Troll Scientists’ new album takes that same awesome and does something even more awesome with it. Seriously. It is, the Last Train to Awesome Town.

Anyway, the new album basically retains all of those extremely psychedelic tones, pulses, noises, and harmonic styles that made you remember early Koxbox/Psychopod/Slinky Wizard energies on that first album. Then they go and Quirk them up a bunch. More various tempos, songs that might seem “too slow” or not have enough triplet bass lines. More stretches of sound for a different style of album. One that reminds you of the first, but feels a bit more grown and developed. It’s aged like a fine single malt [ed note: lol. have i told you that i am the champion of bad metaphors?]. The whole thing is quite sSuIrRrEeEaLl.

And awesome.

So, just because the album is slightly more rounded with its story-like texture of sound, I don’t want to imply that there are no more tracks fully delivering those trippy, psychedelic, black light floor killer’nesses for your dance floor any more. It’s all there. Just intermixed with the other stuff. It’s quite nice. Really. I think you’ll like it. And if you don’t like it, we obviously have vastly different opinions on good psychedelic dance music.

But the Troll Scientists are really good. Even if you think that we have different opinions on music, give this album a listen. It is really good. Massively awesome. De gustibus non est disputandum.


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