Traject – Birting

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Artist: Traject
Album: Birting
Record Label: Creative Space Records
Artist MySpace Page:


I hate losing CDs.
It’s a massive problem in my life.
I am constantly misplacing little annoying pieces of plastic and searching for them. I sometimes lose disks for months and occasionally years. I hate it. While I have some problems with records, it isn’t anywhere near the problem that I have with CDs. This is why I try to always burn at least one backup to my disks and try to keep my originals shelved and never touched. But this also creates more waste on our planet and I hate doing that.

Last year I got a new album from an artist named Traject and it floored me. I loved it. Then I lost it before I could back it up. The days became weeks. The weeks became months. Next thing I know, it is 2010 and I am moving homes with the fear that I will never see my disk again.

I still haven’t unpacked a single box of CDs. They are all in multiple boxes around my apartment with only my records and the disks in my CD wallets to keep me company. But I did open one box. I was looking for a track for a gig and I knew it was probably in this one box of random disks. I opened the box and started searching through the disks.

Not it.
Not it.
Not it.
Not . . . wait a second. I FOUND MY TRAJECT CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then everything changed.

My new home gifted me with what I needed at that moment, Traject. From that moment on, I felt connected to my new surroundings. The place is different than my last home, but the spirits in these walls reached out and gave me an offering of peace.

Creative Space Records is a very unique and wonderful label based out of Greece. The people behind Creative Space Records used to operate a label called Devic Craft ‘Cordings and released a very small but totally amazing assortment of psychedelic trance music. The double CD from Spyweirdos called “Fairy Tales” is still one of the more magical albums that I have. Sadly, after only a handful of releases, Devic Craft decided to stop releasing music. Fortunately, they only chose to shift musical focuses a bit and changed their name to match their mission statement. A place for artists to have the creative space necessary to do something new.

Creative Space have a very unique catalog behind them and these days they push the boundaries of what is music, drone, experimental, trance, glitch and noise. Traject is one of these artists.

I am not a massive fan of a lot of glitchy noise music. There is so much drone and glitch music that reminds me of a 6-year-old falling asleep while holding down a note on a keyboard, but then there are the artists who can expertly craft a world of tones and beats that dance along rhythm that can entrance your mind in a way that a basic four-on-the-floor could never do.

Traject’s album “Birting” is an album that blends discordant beats with a symphony of hypnotic tones. It is glitchy in an Open-Field-Sunrise-With-Boards-Of-Canada sort of way. The album sounds like a haunted house, creeping and echoing all around you as you try to navigate your way to door. Acoustic instruments echoing from distant rooms of the house being played by -or possessed by- ghosts. Not mean ghosts. Confused and scared ghosts. The ghosts don’t know what is going on or where they are at, so they start blending sounds to create a state of trance in an effort to conjure up the spirits who might have the answers that they are searching for.

Having this album back in my life is like finding the missing page that was previously torn out of my book of hymns.

While the discordant tones and industrial soundscapes that get woven into the fabric of these enchantments might be too much for some to handle, I know it will be perfect for many. Once you hear it and begin digesting it, you may discover that this album has been missing from your own ghost-filled world as well.

I truly look forward to hearing what Traject does next. I have a feeling that I’ll be listening to his ghosts for years to come.

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