Ticon – 2am

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Artist: Ticon
Album: 2am
Record Label: Digital Structures
Artist Website: ticonmusic.com
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It took 0 minutes and 44 seconds of this album playing before the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and a smile to hit my face.
Before the song hit 1:28, I was hooked and stoked.

Years ago when I first started listening to Ticon, I had no idea that they would eventually become the PsyTrance act I would have seen the most live. I also had no idea that I would grow to like them so much, that when they finally graced the stage at a miserable festival on a Sunday morning, they would almost single-handedly make everything worth it.

There is something about the old school video game vibe, with the sleazy electro techno and disco beat with the completely refined and polished sound that Ticon has grown to craft over the years. There is something about how they bring it all together like no one else.

Ticon are more than pioneers. They are more than masters. They are simply Ticon. They stand in a class by themselves and they put on one hell of a live show. I am writing this review while experiencing a lot of pain in my side. I have been unable to really sleep for 4 days and the doctor I just saw was a prick who basically blew me off. My doctor reminds me a lot of the promoters behind Symbiosis. A bunch of bullocks and wanky-cuntery. But, like that Sunday morning at Symbiosis, after a night of hell and shit music, Ticon has come to the rescue.

The opening cut on their new album is called 1987. It is fitting. Not entirely retro in sound, but completely retro in reflective symbolism. Not dated, more of a happy memory resurfacing to shield you from a reality that you might not want to view.

The entire album is kind of like this. A twisted and mixed up amalgamation of youth and clubs. Sure, you could never be 12 and go to a club, but now that you are old enough, why stop having that youthful imagination and sense of expression? Why go standard and lose your soul? Tracks on this album cover the range from slick vocoder infused tech electro trance (I dunno, sounds good, I suck with classification and genre umbrellas) to progressive melodies which I swear were used in Binary Finary tracks. And you know what? Binary Finary kick ass. Sure they are cheesy, but they are quite uplifting and Ticon throwing a musical nod of the head towards them is quite awesome.

The tracks on here are interestingly paced and formatted. It isn’t a banging album, it is almost soothing and downbeat at times. But it is also very popping on the groove and beat scale and would work very well at that 2am moment. Not quite last call, but getting there. Something to keep the dancers moving as the alcohol disappears and all that is left to move you is the beat. And maybe a few other tricks 😉

I do have a few complaints about the album though. And in reality, as far as complaints go, this could be worse. I am going to have to hear this album at every event I go to for the rest of the year. It is going to be on the top of everyone’s top 10 list and I am most likely going to be entirely burnt out by some of these tracks by the time summer rolls around. But, I suppose, in the end, Models on Cocaine and In The Box _are_ that damn good.

I bought my first Ticon 12″ some eight-years ago because I really liked the names of the tracks. The ‘Tekk, No’ and ‘Ass-Tronaut’ 12″ from TIP.World was a random release of embraced techno cheesiness. It was full of heart, of knowingly simple soul. As time progressed, Ticon refined their sound into the pinnacle of their own genre. They know what they do and they do it like no others. And god damn it. They know how to turn a depressing miserable night into a joyous happy morning. I am sure this took a lot of gigs and a lot of practice, but I am glad they got there. When I first got that TIP.World 12″, I had no idea what kind of musical journey I was launching into, but this turned out to be a very happy surprise.

Ok, so yet again, I feel like my review is moving into the rambling area of reviews. I suppose I should quickly give you the Cliff Notes version ::
• Ticon own their own genre. Whatever else you try to classify them as, they are not that. They are Ticon.
• In the past 8 years, they have developed this sound into a refined brilliance that can overcome even the worst environment.
• 2 AM is their new album released by Digital Structures and it is A+ wonderful.
• Ticon’s live show is even better than this album.
• It takes less than one minute for the emotion of “deep resounding love” to set in.

In conclusion, while I am sure the soon-to-be overplayed aspect of this album will get annoying, I am very glad that it will happen. I feel that Ticon has earned it and after their miraculous Sunday morning set at the worst party of my life, I will forever bow down to their wonderful combination of retro drums, polished Binary Finary synth lines and computer enhanced vocals.

Ticon have a sense of humor unique to them and a sense of groove unlike any other.
Thank you Ticon.
Thank you very much.


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