Psilodump – The Nya Albumet

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Artist: Psilodump
Album: The Nya Albumet
Record Label: Demon Tea
Artist Webpage:
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And here we are again. I know it is shocking to hear from me so much in such a short period of time, but life tends to happen in cycles and we are currently in a cycle of music and dance. We are also in a cycle of tension. I normally don’t subscribe to concepts of astrology, but I have been noticing a trend of the seasons these past few years and perhaps there is something to it. Or maybe I just like to have as many scapegoats at my disposal as possible.

Spring is losing her grip upon us, which is good, and summer is about to come in swinging. Swinging like Ivan Drago. But Rocky Balgoa is gonna fuck Ivan’s ass up. Rocky Balgoa has been listening to Psilodump’s new album ‘The Nya Albumet’ and is ready to knock out anyone who steps into the ring. Seriously. If there is one thing you need to know about this Psilodump album, it is this: This album will fuck you up.

I was listening to this Psilodump album two weeks ago and my frequent DJing partner -The Bad Pioneer 2000- asked me who I was playing. I said it was a new album by some artist named Psilodump. He was surprised. He told me that he has been playing Psilodump tracks in our sets for years and that he really loves Psilodump. This album was the first thing that I had heard of from this artist, so it was nice seeing my worlds mesh together at that moment.

Psilodump is a lot like, and nothing like, yet reminds me of, a combination of Nam Shub of Enki and Spyweirdos. Especially Nam Shub’s album ‘Fuck Piece’ from Demon Tea. Only this is a double CD _packed_ with tracks that just don’t quit. There is nothing simple on here at all. Breaks coming from any direction, melodies floating from back to front and up your intestines, as well as percolating slightly above your head, ever so slightly out of reach, so that you will always be surprised when one comes back in for the kill.

That explains some of the Nam Shub similarity, but you are also probably wondering how it is like Spyweirdos as well. Spyweirdos has a very interesting and rich sense of psychedelic music. From the newer experimental drone-esque noise music to the first double album of Psychedelic Trance, Spyweirdos never seemed to care about the trends or what was happening in the Psychedelic Trance world. Spyweirdos simply crafted rich albums of various sounds and styles that could amuse a tripped out brain for hours on end while keeping you dancing and smiling. And this is what Psilodump has done as well.

This double album is more than simply an Upbeat album and a Downbeat album sold as a package deal. It really isn’t like that at all. While the second album is definitely more of a relaxed energy most of the time, it still delivers a punch and mind shaking confusion. The first album also isn’t all jarring all the time. The songs are mixed up and an overall aesthetic and flow has been masterfully delivered. Tracks flowing from one into the other, never letting the beat drop; then other times when the beat stops for just long enough to give a breather without pulling you out of your current mind fuck.

I could probably keep writing ad nauseam about Psilodump and how he is actually heavy psychedelic music, unlike the Naked Tourist type of wankery I have been forced to listen to for so long, but I’ll stop now. If you want to pop some heads and kick up some dust in the middle of the night, this album is for you. If you want to give your morning set a bit extra flare, this album would be a very wonderful addition. If you simply want something to listen to at home that makes you think, you could do a lot worse than this album. It is Psychedelic Breakcore Chiptune Trance at its finest. Personally, I think that is a welcome energy and style to have around.

Psilodump: This shit will fuck you up.


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