Product.01 – Bullet Ride

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Artist: Product.01
Album: Bullet Ride
Record Label: Freshly Squeezed Music
Artist Website:
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Bullet Ride is the debut album from Product.01 released by Freshly Squeezed Music. Product.01 are a duo from the UK who give new hope to what feels, at times, like a seemingly boring and redundant genre of music called electro/electro-pop. I found out about them through Madskippers Records when Tsuyoshi licensed their remake of “Heart ov Glass” for his Electro Madskippers compilation. While that song was excellent, being that it was just a cover song I wasn’t too sure if their own original tracks would hold up as well. I got online, went to their website and picked up their 12″s. I was lucky. This time I didn’t get burned as I have in the past. While their Blondie cover is good, their original tunes are even better. “Hot Trap” and “The Loud EP” are both excellent 12″s to keep any dancefloor rocking. Also, seeing as Portland has the most strip clubs per capita in the US, this music would slay a place like Devil’s Point or Magic Gardens. Their music is sleazy to the extreme, glitchy, cheesy and filled with a wonderful balance between Rochelle’s vocals and Marc’s craftsmanship of beats.

Bullet Ride features some cuts from their previously released 12″s and many new tracks as well. Clocking in at just over 64 minutes and 12 tracks, they keep the pace moving fluidly and slip in a few slower tracks from time to time too. Then, just as you think things couldn’t get any more sticky and dripping with sweet electrolicious erotic grinding music, they end the album with the excellent title track Bullet Ride. A track so thick in moistness, you’ll be slipping and sliding your way over to the CeeDee player to start the disk over.

This is a must have for any club DeeJay and anyone into Electro, or anyone who might enjoy Electro if they ever heard some which didn’t completely suck. Also very good for making out and rough sex.


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