Outolintu – Odd Man Out

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2007 Album of the Year

Artist: Outolintu
Album: Odd Man Out
Record Label: Faerie Dragon
Artist Website: halfwayhut.com
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Odd Man Out is the name of an album created by Outolintu. Outolintu is a person named Jürgen Sachau. Jürgen Sachau is . . . . totally rad.

Odd Man Out is also totally rad.

I am sitting here -at the end of 2007- and there were a lot of great releases this year. Some were big news and others went unnoticed. Outolintu’s debut release is probably in the ‘unnoticed’ column for many of you, which is sad. It shouldn’t be. ‘Odd Man Out’ is an album that should be in the homes of many. Actually. . . of all.

. . . .it should be played in all forests too.

In my many years of listening to, loving, hating, reviewing, playing and enjoying Goa/Psychedelic Trance, Outolintu is the only person I know of who has actually remixed a Rip Van Hippy track. This interesting bit of knowledge, basically, makes him a winner of some strange exponential award for Astounding Psychedelic Forest Music.

Fact :: There are two types of people in the world. Those who understand and love Rip Van Hippy and those who don’t understand him, and therefore do not know to love him. Rip Van Hippy is a psychedelic maestro and I have a hard time believing that there is a bad track written by him. Outolintu is like Rip Van Hippy JR. This is good news for those of us who need more music like that.

I first heard Outolintu many many years ago on an old 12″ from Exogenic Records. It was a split with Outolintu on one side and Penlinpala on the other. It was called “Project Haltya” and after that split 12″ they collaborated on a couple of full Haltya albums and Penlinpala released an album, but Outolintu was noticeably quiet. Which was sad because he had the good track on that 12″. :/

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Outolintu releases a full album this past summer and it is amazing. I have explained the glory of this album to many people, but perhaps you have not heard it yet. Well, we should fix this.

By looking at the cover, you see a really nice picture of skeletons being pulled by puppet strings, playing instruments in a band, in front of the pyramids and piles skulls. In really vibrant colors. Do a Google search for more pictures of the album. The cover should really be appreciated with the music -the part you care about. The cover brins forth an imagery which reflects the album quite well.

You know how sheet music used to be composed with relative words such as Largo and Allegrissimo? This album is kind of like that. It is an album of relatives. It is far too “weird” for most. But it isn’t weird at all. It is slow and almost lounge music. It is tribal in a kick ass comic book/cartoon sort of way. It is psychedelic trance, but without the 16th note bassline and boring arpeggiation which most psytrance has. The songs are songs, some with lyrics even, but nothing is hammy or cheesy. It is all rich and thick. Noises creeping in from the background and into the foreground. Bass vibrating between your bones knocking you around like a puppet. Stuttering tones reminding you that life is everything and nothing at the same time. Tones which bounce and groove. Which vibrate and shake. Which bring forth a life of their own.

Nothing within this albums sounds like what you have heard before. This isn’t rehashed and therefore, it is hard to play out. I can understand why it is so hard for most Psychedelic DJ’s to play tracks from this album. They simply don’t fit into molds which DJ’s like. But that is partially why it is so good. As each track moves forward, it also grows deeper into your brain.


I am now rambling. I will end this review now. But seriously. Of all of the great 2007 releases, of which there are many, this is the one. This is the winner. This is the single most impressive, psychedelic, interesting, unique and fun album to hit the shelves this year. If you don’t pick it up, you are missing out. Don’t do that to yourself.


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