Ott – Skylon

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Artist: Ott
Album: Skylon
Record Label: Twisted
Artist Website:


Oh Ott. How do I love thee so?
Your music n awesomeness have reached new heights in my brain this morning.
Upon starting your new album, Skylon (Twisted Records), I was transported.
Transported to a time before you existed. A time when my love of another kept my brain filled with bubbles of serotonin.
A time when her name was Orbital.

While Orbital made a lot of more energetic music, they also knew how to craft rich layers of sound and make them slowly draw you into their warm bosoms to cradle you with their motherly love and nurturing care in an effort to shield you from the outside world and all of its violent ugliness. They wanted their children to experience life at its fullest and appreciate the sunrise. The glorious sunrises, as the birds begin chirping and the sky changes color, while sitting around a circle with some friends and catching up over random adventures of the night and of life. Perhaps you haven’t seen someone in a few years and that morning, while drinking a bottle of riesling wine, you share stories of your new love, your dreams and why you are happy to see them again. Orbital brought this out. But then they stopped and are no more.



They passed along their spirit and soul and warmth to a new person. They served their time and did their job wonderfully, but now it is time for someone else to usher in these moments. These sleep-dep’d, cracked out, uncensored moments of true honestly and sincere love. Someone else needs to usher in these sunrise connections of minds and hearts.

I’d like to introduce you to Ott. Some of you may know him. Some of you may not. He has one album out already called ‘Blumenkraft’ and he did a remix album for Hallucinogen called ‘Hallucinogen in Dub’ shortly before that as well. Both of those were the testing grounds for his new role in this world. ‘Hallucinogen in Dub’ introduced people to Ott gently. It allowed people to hear the songs they previously knew and loved but under a new umbrella of emotion and synaptic response. It was an offering to the world to see if we would be accepting of what was transpiring behind the scenes in the ether. ‘Blumenkraft’ followed shortly. It was a terrific album of solid calming psychedelic dub music and this time it was his offering to the gods above. He first got the world to understand, then he had to prove to the gods that he might be the next one to assume this very important position in the world which was about to be left vacant by Orbital.

One year after ‘Blumenkraft’ was released, Orbital disbanded and their care over us ended. Luckily, Ott was there waiting. We spun around a bit in the sea of chaos and as things settled, ‘Blumenkraft’ was playing in the background.

Four years later, Ott has decided to release ‘Skylon’ and share with us the true reason why he was chosen to fill this part of our soul’s background music. ‘Skylon’ opens with a synth line straight from the Orbital catalog. It is the piece to bridge the gaps and usher in the waves of people who needed the helping hand. Shortly after the Orbital intro, Ott accepts the septum, drops his dub beat and guides us into his journey. His journey of warmth and soulful richness.

The album is nothing less than exquisite and is a welcome beginning to 2008. 2008 will be a year which will present many dramatic hardships and sad realities. It will also be a year of many new beginnings and new adventures. With the spirit of Ott playing in the background, even as the economy collapses and riots breakout, we’ll be able to rekindle our reasons for persevering throughout it all. No matter what problems will arise, Ott will take care of us. We just need to allow it.

Skylon isn’t meant for me to describe and explain. I can’t. It is what it is. But I promise that it is something you will want to experience and know about. It will guide you on multiple journeys and will become the soundtrack to your spirit. It’ll keep you in touch with your soul as you get distracted by the utter banalities and confusions of life. It’ll keep you on your path. It’ll hold you close and keep you warm.

While Orbital will never be replaced, their nurturing has found a very wonderful and worthy new home.
That home is named Ott.
You should open yourself up to him.


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