Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll – Searching For Love

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Artist: Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll
Album: Searching for Love
Record Label: Psy-Harmonics
Artist MySpace Page:
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Right now, I should be reading up on Vygotsky and his theories involving the Zone of Proximal Development. I should be writing about how this ZPD relates to how children learn and different ways that we can implement these theories into our schools so that we can achieve greater success and become a stronger and better city/state/nation/world/species.

But you know what?
I’ve been listening to this new Rip Van Hippy album for 2 weeks straight and it is time for me to talk about it.

So . . . if you have read my reviews before, which I am sure some of you have, you might have noticed an ongoing trend, mainly:
How does [some-artist] compare to Rip Van Hippy?

It is rather a simple way to review music. Are you twisted like Rip Van Hippy? Do you write strange melodies that send shivers up my spine? Do you confuse me and do the unexpected? Do you write nice bass lines? Do you compose jazzy drum hooks mixed with four-on-the-floor stomping that enables an entirely transcendental experience?

If you can do these things, even if your music sounds nothing like Rip Van Hippy, you are doing well.
No one else sounds like Rip Van Hippy, he is alone in his style, but others attain pieces of his greatness and some of those others create extremely powerful and magical music.

Then there is –THE– Rip Van Hippy.

It has been a long time since the world has been graced by a new Rip Van Hippy album. His last release was the stunningly gorgeous and eternally enchanting collaborative album with Eiji called ‘Tengu Moon’ (Creative Space Records) back in 2004. Four years later, Rip Van Hippy is back with another collaborative release, this time with Japanese singer Rie Lambdoll.

‘Searching for Love’ is an exquisite piece of work. It is hauntingly beautiful, sonically captivating and luscious in its definition of love. It is also an album I was lucky to have found. You see, two weeks ago I was checking out the Psy-Harmonics’ website when I noticed that a new Rip Van Hippy album was just released. Unfortunately it is a digital-only release, which means I’ll never get a nice package of artwork and accompanying aesthetics; however, fortunately, this meant that I could snag the album instantly. Which I did and immediately I was taken aback and felt a little uneasy.

Simply put, I am not used to vocals on my Rip Van Hippy tracks. Rip Van Hippy is the string-puller in the abstract delusional reality known as my subconscious world. He normally does this without needing to say anything. The first listen of this new album gave me a rush of connections with the music itself, but the vocals scared me. They seemed off. They weren’t supposed to be there.

But then I went to sleep and woke up and had a song in my head. I realized it was one of the new Rip Van Hippy tracks and I started listening to the album again. Then, one by one, the album crept over me and took root within my being. Over the past two weeks, I have slowly -yet deeply- become infatuated with this release. It is Rip Van Hippy as you know and love, but now with gorgeous vocals from Rie Lambdoll on top of the music. This voice basically gives the Hippy another instrument to use in his arsenal of sounds.

If you are familiar with previous Rip Van Hippy releases, the same creepy and twisted synth lines are here.
The same jazzy and tribal drums.
The same psychedelic energy.
There is simply an added layer of vocals; vocals that are beautiful and helpful.
Rie Lambdoll acts, in a way, as our guide through the spirit world. The spirit world of love.
While Rip Van Hippy keeps our feet dancing and our minds drifting, Rie gives us a voice to follow. Much like following the voice of someone while walking through a pitch black cave, Rie is the safety within. Her vocals embrace the day and capture the night.

Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll have crafted a very special album. It is luscious and exquisite. It is hauntingly beautiful as well as a touch creepy and a bit eerie; but overall, it is damn lovely. The songs on here are captivating pieces of music and I am truly thankful to have them in my collection now.

This is a unique album and it would be wonderful to hear outdoors or in a nice cozy environment.
This will give you goosebumps and leave you breathless.

While the album was not what I was expecting at the onset, I am very happy that I was surprised, challenged and proven wrong yet again; Rip Van Hippy with vocals does indeed work.

And -hopefully- we won’t need to wait another 4 years for the next Rip Van Hippy release. That is entirely too long and I need more (with and without vocals please).

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