Kixotek – Sleepdancer

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Artist: Kixotek
Album: Sleepdancer
Record Label: n/a
Artist Website:
Download this Album for **free** from Kixotek’s Website Here!


Some albums simply move. They don’t have to move me, or you, or anyone in particular. The music just intrinsically moves. Sometimes it isn’t easy to say where it moved to, or why it moved, or where it started out, or even why it felt the need to move at all. Some albums just simply move. And that is enough.

Kixotek is an artist from here in the Pacific Northwest.
Kixotek writes something akin to Psychedelic-Tribal-Ambient-Industrial-Break-Trance . . . or something.

I dunno. Think of a rainy month of an Oregon spring with sunny days intermixed and bright blooming flowers catching your glances. Then a thunder cloud and a rainbow shout down from above. Think of Rip Van Hippy meets Aphex Twin. Boards of Canada meets Nam Shub of Enki. But not really any of that. Or maybe all of it.

Some albums are meant to be heard in full. Some are simply a collection of singles. Sometimes the singles have a complete and unifying conceptual vision. Other times they do not. Kixotek’s new album is a nice mixture of everything. The entire albums is a single piece broken into smaller sections. But it is also a brilliantly woven together collection of different singles into a proper quilt of psychedelic discourse.

Music is meant to evoke something out of you. Whether it is joy, anger, comfort during a loss of love, support in a time of need, appreciation of a time of beauty and grace, or to simply coincide with a moment of reflection. Music is always meant to be a background music which isn’t meant to be ignored; it’s meant to be used and appreciated -as well as exist alongside you as a soundtrack to ours lives, moments, feelings, ideas, changes, and unknowns that are experienced. Music is here to be whatever we need it to be, and so much more.

Kixotek’s album ‘Sleepdancer’ [self released mp3 album] is a wonderful accompaniment to the world of Life. Life equates to living and so does his music. We all have bad days and shpadoinkle days; this album brings them together. Oregon is wet and sometimes humid. It is colorful in the leaves, birds, and earth, then gray in the sky with occasional rainbows. Sleepdancer seems rooted in these dynamics.

The sunrise feeling of the track Drum
The way the trees creep in while dancing during Seapod
The subtle warmth of the fire during Ouroboros
The birthing of Stampede Moment

The pieces of a body.

Some people won’t connect with this album. And that is fine. Much like the movie ‘Oldboy’, not everything can be understood by all.
However, others will completely connect with this album. And that is why it exists.
Sleepdancer is here as an offering to those who would enjoy it. And I enjoy it.

I think you might too.


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