Kino Oko – Alphabetically Divided Highway

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Artist: Kino Oko
Album: Alphabetically Divided Highway
Record Label: Tribal Vision Records
Artist Website:
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I was hanging out with a girl last night and midway through our hangout, she said:
“I am glad that I decided to hang out tonight. I was thinking of flaking on it because it was a long day at work and I wanted to chill and relax, but this is very chill and I am glad to have the relaxing company.”

This is basically my summation for the new Kino Oko album “Alphabetically Divided Highway” from Tribal Vision Records.

I have been listening to this album a lot lately and I am always hesitant when I put it on. I haven’t been in the mood for banging twisted psychedelic dance music lately, but I am also not interested in boring trippy chill out music either. After a few starts and stops with other albums, I always look over eventually to see the new Kino Oko sitting there and I put it on. Next thing I know, it is over and I am starting it all over again.

This isn’t to say that the album is boring. Definitely not. Nor is it really chill. It is simply different. Different like Outolintu, Rip Van Hippy and Kixotek. This entire album would be highly enjoyable on any substance, including sobriety, and it isn’t jarring or trying to overcompensate for anything.

Some artists want to fit the molds and be the best within that mold. Some of these artists are extremely good at doing that too.
Other artists don’t care too much about labels and molds and simply want to write interesting music. These artists tend to get thrown into molds by outside audiences who enjoy labeling things; although normally these labels are projected upon the artist, not chosen by the artist. Kino Oko is a hard one to label and describe, so I just label him as Warm. I think Warm is an appropriate label. He warms your mind and brain, stimulating your head while floating in space. He warms your body while you dance to the music or while being cozy under blankets. He warms your soul when you simply don’t know what you want to do. Kino Oko is Warm music. I like that. I like Warm music.

Kino Oko’s new album ‘Alphabetically Divided Highway’ is a great album for everyone’s collection. Regardless of what music you listen to the most, chances are that you also enjoy Warm music and good decompression moments with your friends. When you find yourself in need of one of those aural moments, put on some Kino Oko and let it sink in.

Your brain, family and friends will thank you for it.

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