Lemon Slide – True Nature

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Artist: Lemon Slide
Album: True Nature
Record Label: Freakdance
Artist MySpace Page: myspace.com/lemonslide
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It has been a few years since the good people at Freakdance Records have given the world any new product. Their last release was in 2005 and I have been missing them ever since. Well, no more!

Freakdance has recently released the debut album by the fine Finnish duo Lemon Slide. Lemon Slide actually has a lot of releases out online. The great AntiScarp online mp3 database and Thixx N Dixx both feature other Lemon Slide releases, but Freakdance has finally stepped forward and released a real audio CD called ‘True Nature’ and it was worth the wait.

Lemon Slide write fun music. While it is deeply psychedelic, they do not seem concerned with bad trips or edges of reality. They are more concerned with getting that awesome ass of yours onto the dancefloor and watching it shake from side to side. It would be nice, of course, to have that dancefloor be in the middle of a forest, but I think I could settle with any decent sound system.

True Nature is nothing but upbeat and uptempo goodness. The hooks in each cut are extremely hookified and the “journey” which accompanies each song reminds me of a life I no longer live, and sometimes never lived. I am transported to memories of DMT drenched beaches of the Caribbean during the Regan Administration. Memories of bad cartoons, good LSD and no need to be anywhere important; because High School isn’t as important as the other things that could be done. Memories of swanky disco’s where they pitched the records up to +8 and then replaced the alcohol with mushroom tea.

If you are looking for a new album for those moments of upbeat joy and giddy sunrise smiling faces, this is the album for you.
If you are wanting to try a piece of the always talked about “silly Finnish music” but don’t want a bad Weird Al electronica album, this is a good place to start. In fact, you can always count on Freakdance to release super high quality stuff.
If you know Lemon Slide, know Freakdance and/or know this genre fairly well, then pick this up. You won’t be disappointed.

This shit rocks.

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