To: African Dope Records, With Love

…To: African Dope Records, With Love…

Genre: African Dope Records

While it is very easy to discern that I am a massive lover of Psychedelic Trance music and the offshoots thereof, some might be unaware of some of the other sounds that keep me moving throughout life. Some of those sounds happen to be from one of my most favoritest labels African Dope Records.

Hailing from Cape Town South Africa, African Dope Records was one of the early creative resting spots for a “little” known act that goes by the name of Die Antwoord. A lot of the music that gets released on African Dope Records is either of a hiphop, dubstep, or breaks variety, however this is far from their only output. There is relaxing downtempo, soulful jazz, cutup scratching and jungle, as well as a host of other grimy sounds that are exceedingly delicious.

African Dope Records is one of those labels that keeps me a massive proponent of the idea of a record label. To me, a good record label is much like a good DJ, a curator of fine music desiring to share with the masses. African Dope Records does this with ease and glee.

I’m on winter holiday right now and, while I am trying to finish up work on my second solo album, I decided to take a few moments a compose an Auditory Love Letter for one of the greats. You may recognize some of these tracks from various mixes of mine, however you may have not realized that they all came from the same place. This was done off-the-cuff and is a bit raw in parts, but overall I hope it reflects an air of playfulness, hoshness, and some of the krunk jaw that African Dope Records represents.

With Love…

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[artists – track]
Melanie Schlotz – Hypnotized
Richard the Third – Short Left
Jam Jarr – Creeping Out
Mr. Sakitumi – No More Sorrow
Richard the Third – Boss feat Rebone
Krushed and Sorted – 1999
Dank feat Bakaman – Mumble Jumble
7ft Soundsystem – Love be the Power
Mr. Sakitumi – Full Muppet with Mix n Blend
Jam Jarr – Change to Grade
Krushed and Sorted – Income
Dank – Protein Shake
Richard the Third – (THIIS) Unfortunate Fool feat Nonku
Jam Jarr – Peace is War
Mr. Sakitumi – Whothableep
Dank – Empty Heart Jars
Fletcher in Dub – New Dub Technique
Jacob Israel – Soundtracks for Salvation
Sibot – Unknown



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