Live @ Harvest 2012


Genre: Psychedelic Soumi Forest Morning NOT.DARK.PSY Trance

Back in 2012 I was asked to come play a set of music at a special party featuring the lovely talent of HALTYA and TERRAFRACTYL.
The event was for Fall Equinox and was just outside of San Francisco. I rented a car, loaded it up with friends all eager to hear these two musical wizards tickle our ears, and we hit the road, but… before we could head south to California, we had to drive north to Seattle so that we could go check out Orbital at that years Decibel Festival.

So we drove from Portland to Seattle and then all the way south to San Francisco the next morning so that we could get to the party on time.

The party was lovely and both Haltya and Terrafractly offered fantastic sets and it was a real treat to play alongside them.
I think we were the only 3 who did not play any dark psy (although I’m likely forgetting a few others…). I just don’t understand how people can listen to dark psy all night long. At all. Like, it breaks my fucking head. I just don’t get it.

I should have really known better than to open my set the way I did. I played Saturday morning during sunrise and it was a fantastic set, but following up 8 hours of banging dark psy… perhaps I should have been more mindful of my intro. lololololol. But where’s the fun in that? So I nicely cleared most of the dance floor within the first 2 minutes, but then got that fucker packed and full again shortly thereafter. Which, honestly, was kind of cool. I knew that all of the people getting down to my set had, at some point, dragged themselves down and out of their tents and other realms to enjoy my offerings. It was a good time and I thank the promoters and all of those involved for inviting me down to bastardize their party with my musical arrangement of madness. I hope you enjoy it too. Be sure to listen to 4 hours of dark psy before hitting play on this one…

Anyway. enjoy the set of NOT.DARK.PSY.*****

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The Lounge Brigade – Without Me
Rip N Eiji – Morning Song
Man With No Name – Sugar Rush (Astrix Remix)
Shiwa 2000 – Sentimental
Huopatossu Mononen – Paluumatkailija
Texas Faggott – Discosummer
Mullet Mohawk – Ripuloid
Snake Thing – Scortch
The Sebastians – Gunilla and Gunnar
Mindex – Friday Rush
Delirious Noon – Brainbow
Prana – Boundless
Pavel Svimba – The End and Beyond
Lemon Slide – Unettomat
Tekniset – Paha Tonttu
Road Band – Leukaputostaas
Eraser vs Yojalka – Paper View
Benza – Survivor
Shaolin Wooden Men – The Birth of a New Star
Huopatossu Mononen – Morning Bells
Kixotek – Seapod



***** (editor’s note: while i may be talking shit about dark psy, every one of the djs and people that i met were extremely genuine and nice and my commentary is not directed at anyone and is not meant to be rude…)

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2 thoughts on “Live @ Harvest 2012

  1. I definately played a full on morning set the following day, there was a pretty good balance as I recall it, but yea night is always dark in cali. that was probably the best cali outdoor ive been to in a while, they dont like the squirm much around here so it was a true treat!

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