Déjà Vu

…Déjà Vu…

Genre: Psychedelic Goa Trance

About a decade ago I made a retro mix called Class of 97. It was composed of tracks that I listened to while in high school and entering my way into this realm of Goa. Much later I made a mix called Shamanic Influences, which was another retro set of various tracks. And here we are again with some Déjà Vu.

This winter I had a terrible cough and was drinking copious amounts of cough syrup for many weeks. During that time, two albums seemed to be in heavy rotation, the Flying Rhino compilation White Rhino and the Blue Planet Corporation release on DAT Records, Blueprint for Survival. These chuggy and grumbly sonic noises were both in my ears and escaping from my ass, so to speak, and were the inspiration for this moody, classic, warm-blanket, gurgly, acidic, and melodic dreamtime trip trough the cosmos.

So take a sip of some tea, some syrup, or a drop of something else, and let those belly aches rumble and those 303s growl. The warm memories will help ease the discomfort. It’s a lullaby for your soul.

It’ll all be over soon, you’ve been through this before…

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[artists – track]
Juno Reactor – Jardin de Cécile
Slinky Wizard – Funkus Munkus
Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix)
Nervasystem – Decoder
Process and Tristan – Dealing with Demons
Man With No Name – Moment of Truth (Alternate Mix)
Nasha – Chai Machine
POB – The Awakening (Seismix)
Prana – Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix)
X-Dream – Rain
Total Eclipse – Toxic Caterpillar (Alternate Mix)
Slinky Nuns – Shitty Stick
Process – X-1
Slide – Saturnalia
Etnica – Intense Visitation
California Sunshine – Tokyo Underground
Dandandado – Diamond Dust
Blue Planet Corporation – Midian
Frieds, Lovers & Family – Tribute (Quietman Remix)
Slinky Wizard – Supernatural
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Cor
Hallucinogen – Space Pussy



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