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Once upon a time, Platipus Records was a (perhaps THEE) defining label in the classic Progressive Acid Trance sound. They mixed the subtlety of minimal acid with strong melodies and were a cornerstone of change within the trance scene. They were responsible for Robert Miles and that damn Calling Your Name track too. Platipus were always a step ahead of the others. But then they fell from the heavens and are nothing but pure shite these days. One afternoon in early 2009 I put on a couple of Platipus 12″s and decided that I should hit Record and make a mix of some of those classic sounds and songs. Here is the mix that I made.

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[artist – track] – All tracks released on Platipus Records

Art of Trance – Deeper Than Deep (Third Eye Mix)

Union Jack – Red Herring

Virtualismo – Last Train to Universe (Granny’s Special Cheese On Toast Mix)

POB – Awakening (Seismix)

Terra Ferma – Floating

Quietman – Meditate

Quietman – Now and Zen

Quietman – Now and Zen (Earth Nation Remix)

Salamander – Tempest (Union Jack Remix)

Union Jack – Two Full Moons And A Trout

Art of Trance – Cambodia (Clanger Remix)

Robert Miles – Children (Guitar Mix)



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