A short while back I began writing reviews for old albums that impacted me when I was younger. I wanted to reach back and share some of my influeces and maybe turn some people onto music that is special to me. I call these reviews The Shamanic Influences.

I woke up this morning around 6am and just couldn’t sleep. Instead of staying in bed while tossing and turning for hours, I decided to get up and be productive. I grabbed a stack of old vinyl and hit record. I live in an apartment building, so I had to keep the volume down at this hour in the morning. Because of this, it was hard to hear what I was doing at times. All in all, this turned out quite well.

The mix is a bit lush, a bit humorous, some parts are rumbling, others are melodic, all of it is vinyl. I called this “Part 1” because I wouldn’t be surprised if I continued making these mixes as time moves forward. But, then again, maybe this part 1 will be the last.

Anyway, I hope that you have a splendidly shpadoinkle day!

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[artist – song – label]

Spectral – Celtic Alchemy (nothing is true mix) – Blue Room Released
Citizen Kaned – Sale of the Century – Twisted
Hopefiend – Crack Down – Plusquam
Synchro – Drugs (Hard) – TIP.World
Freak Disciple – Freedom Engine – Flying Rhino
Planet B.E.N. and Synchro – Vampire State Building (purple) – Naja
Bumbling Loons – Rumbling Toon (101 Extravagangsta Mix) – Flying Rhino
Tim Schuldt – Inner Child – Matsuri
Psychaos – Future Rocks – Flying Rhino
Process – Blue Moonies – TIP.World
Machine Torque – Fumble – Elektrik Orgasm
Manmademan – Karmaflage (the light remix) – A.A.A.
Shakta – Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies – Dragonfly
Joking Sphinx – Course Poursuite – P.O.F.
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Optimum Creakage – Dragonfly
Quirk – Paradise Pills – Matsuri
Hallucinogen – Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning Remix) – TIP
Darshan – Neuroscanner – Flying Rhino
Process – X1 (Tristan Remix) – Creamcrop
California Sunshine – Rain – Phonokol



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