…I 愛 ~[REAL]~ SNOW…


Genre: Psychedelic Trance / Suomi / For-the-Gnomes / Snowfall / Winter


Winter has been my favorite season for psychedelic music for many years and the year I made this mix, 2008, was a very psychedelic winter indeed. 2008 was a winter of amazing snow and weather. Portland shut down for about two weeks during December because the snow kept coming.

One of my favorite attributes of Portland is its ongoing ability to have Snow Day! Much like when your elementary school closes for a few days because it is unsafe for the children to travel to school, the entire city sometimes shuts down because there is snow falling and it is just too dangerous. I find it sad that people from other states or different countries come to Portland and get mad at us for having Snow Day. They get all pissy and whiny that we are “pussies” and childish things like that. Which is obtuse and misses the point. IT IS A FREE HOLIDAY! Stop being so serious and enjoy some freakin’ much needed winter wonderland playtime!

So in 2008 when we were experiencing some Snow Day action, I got some music together and crafted a Snow Day mix for my fellow Portlanders. The mix is a sonic representation of a warm cup of hot cocoa with some Rumplemintz mixed in (and maybe a sugar cube or two tossed in as well too… 😉 ). The music is a bit breaky, a bit alien-esque, a touch anthemic, and tries to keep everything lighthearted for the ease of a sometimes stressful snow storm.

Winters can be dark and cold, so stay warm and surround yourself with people who love you and make everything more interesting.

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[artists – album – label]

JJ Del Franco :: Who, What, Where, How and Why? :: Unloved Records

Outolintu :: Shizzlin Da Virable :: Faerie Dragon

Troll Scientists :: Time Trip :: Space Boogie Productions

Space Cat :: Kreak (Space Cat and Kido Remix) :: [unknown]

Unlive :: Uudio :: Space Boogie Productions

Squaremeat :: Still Alive :: Exogenic

Hallucinogen :: Shabby Trance :: Twisted

Rip Van Hippy :: Black Lodge :: Psy-Harmonics

Troll Scientists :: Major French Influences :: Space Boogie Productions

Puoskari :: Shantibiotic :: 6D Soundz

Huopatossu Mononen :: Paluumatkailija :: Freakdance

Transwave :: Land of Freedom :: Twisted

Eat Static :: De-Classified :: Solstice



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