Offended Someone


Genre: Punk / Hip Hop / Grebo / Anti-Establishment-Techno

I’ve been feeling a bit feisty lately.
The news. The violence. The racism. The classism. The cops. The prisons. The drug war. The debt. The election cycle. The fear. The dread. The heat. The drought. The fires. The debt. The time. The pain. The sad. The growth. The death. The love. The loss. The guns. The disbelief. The distractions. The music.

While the opening track of this mix dates back to 1982, the overarching themes of the mix have been kicking around for much longer. With the current climate of the world, I’ve been itching to toss together a more loose mix of genres, showcasing some of that pent up energies within me that keep me motivated to continually kick the can of ideas down the road.

This is the soundtrack of my past and my present.

Maybe it’ll stoke your fire too…

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[artists – track]
Descendents – Suburban Home
Pop Will Eat Itself – Ich Bin Ein Auslander [fun-da-mental mix]
Eminem – White America
Ticon – Rip It Up (O.T.B. and Naughty Notes Remix)
Messiah – There is no Law (Rap Edit)
Lily Allen – Fuck You
Fried Kale – F-You-Ture’s
The Prodigy – Their Law
Velcra – Our Will Against Their Will (Mandalavandalz Remix)
The Regurgitations – 10 Cops, 10 Shots
The Pharcyde – If I Were President
King Los – God, Money, War (Live on Why? With Hannibal Buress)
Too $hort – The Ghetto
The Coup – Get Up (feat Dead Prez)
N.W.A. – Fuck the Police
The Pharcyde – Officer
N.W.H. – Fuck the Security Guards
Public Enemy – Fight the Power
Kendrick Lamar – Alright



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