Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {summer}

…Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {summer}…

Genre: Summer Time Psychedelic Anniversary Goa Trance

Goa Trance, while it did begin popping up a bit here and there in 1993 and 1994, was truly birthed (according to my KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-GOA brain) in 1995. So that means, 2015 is kind of, for lack of a better origin story, the pseudo (like the science often sampled in the songs) birthday/anniversary of what has been known as Goa Trance.

After serving up a dark and rich winter blizzard of a mix, the twenty year journey into spring creeped slowly into some progressive, sparkly, and techno-ish sounds of the Goa realm. And now; now it’s summer!

As summers are known to do, this mix is bright, warm, lush, and full of the stuff that fills the spirit. The tracks skip through the fields of 90s vinyl-only and hard to find rarities to items a bit more fresh n crisp. Only one more season to go in our four-part series celebrating twenty years of Goa trance magic. Stay tuned for more!

In case you missed the others, they can be found here: winter, spring, summer, fall.

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[artists – track – label]
Mantrix – Levels – SUB
California Sunshine – Summer of 99 (Spangle Factory Remix) – Perfecto Fluoro
Sussex – Trance Atlantic – Paradogs
Doof – Angelina (Alternate Mix) – DAT Records
The Infinity Project – Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix) – TIP Records
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Conflict (GMS Remix) – Zero One Music
Kirna – Planetary Pinball – Sound Kitchen Records
The Sebastians – Puputtaja Sepi – Trance Bum Productions
Katy Perry – Hot N Cold (Montti RMX) – Positive Reaction
S.U.N. Project – 360 Volt – Spirit Zone
Bass Chakra – 230,000 Miles (Initiation Mix) – Matsuri
Jon the Dentist – Global Phases – Prolekult
Ololiqui – Del Rio – Spirit Zone
Damon Albarn – Parakeet – Parlophone


(ps: yes, that one song on the mix is indeed a metaphor for my multiple decade love affair with the goa…)

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