Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {fall}

…Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {fall}…

Genre: Fall Time Psychedelic Anniversary Goa Trance

Goa Trance, while it did begin popping up a bit here and there in 1993 and 1994, was truly birthed (according to my KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-GOA brain) in 1995. So that means, 2015 is kind of, for lack of a better origin story, the pseudo (like the science often sampled in the songs) birthday/anniversary of what has been known as Goa Trance.


Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, all together ooky, weird, strange, sick, twisted, evil stuff…

Goa has always had a playful history with the fall equinox. Aliens, ghosts, carnivals, monsters, things that creak in the night; goa likes to trip you up in the future forest.

So, with that, the conclusion of the seasons series of mixes is a sinister yet playful mix that finds humor in dealing with those demons long before a generation vexed was bad for children…

I hope you’ve enjoyed going on this journey with me throughout this past year as it has been a fun story to weave together. Even though there isn’t a fifth season, there is one more piece to the puzzle and that’ll be coming soon. So, as they say, stay tuned.

(In case you missed the others, they can be found here: winter, spring, summer, fall.)

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[artists – track – label]
Planet B.E.N. – Questionmark – Polytox
Disco Slickers – I Think… – Naja
Infected Deedrah – My Mummy… – Balloonia
Wizzy Noise – Maniac Distortion – Maniac I.Q Records
ECT – Snowblind – Sphere
Slinky Wizard – Sodom Like There’s No Gomorrah – Flying Rhino
Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins (Bad for Children Mix) – Unreleased
Semsis – Generation Vexed – Atomic
Shiwa 2000 – Bluez Like Me – Hippie Killer Productions
Rip Van Hippy – Que Estas Mas Macho – Psy-Harmonics
Eiji & Jikooha – Harvest in June – Twine Traxx
Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul – Digital Structures


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