Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {604 Mix}

…Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {604 Mix}…

Genre: 604 Psychedelic Anniversary Goa Trance Mega Mix

NOTE: The other version doesn’t fit onto a single CD and if anyone out there listens to mp3 CDs and didn’t want to transcode, you can grab this version

Goa Trance, while it did begin popping up a bit here and there in 1993 and 1994, was truly birthed (according to my KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-GOA brain) in 1995. So that means, 2015 is kind of, for lack of a better origin story, the pseudo (like the science often sampled in the songs) birthday/anniversary of what has been known as Goa Trance.

The 604 Mix

So here it is. The 604 Anniversary Mix.
6 hours. 04 minutes.
A journey throughout the seasons.

This series of mixes began as a simple two-part mix of Night and Day tracks that was to span the decades. After releasing the first mix, while beginning to assemble the second mix, I kind of thought that it would be more fitting to make a Four Seasons of Goa series of mixes to celebrate the anniversary of Goa. There are so many different corners to explore, I felt two mixes was squeezing things a bit tight.

I had originally made the second mix so that it could play seamlessly after the first mix and then did the same for third mix. After I finished the third mix (Summer), I realized that if each mix were 91 minutes, they would Voltron into a single 6:04 length mix. Unfortunately, by this point it was too late. I was already locked into 80 minute mixes. A bit of elementary arithmetic showed that I could likely add five more tracks (one at the beginning, end, and then between each of the mixes) and make the entire thing the proper length.

All together, there are 55 songs packed into these six hours and four minutes of music. From the old to the new to the unreleased to the overplayed; the journey weaves in and out of sanity and oscillates through various parallel dimensions. I touch on almost everything (from Green Nuns to Rip Van Hippy, Ticon to Kino Oko, Planet B.E.N. to Pleiadians, Blue Planet Corporation to Texas Faggott, even Infected Mushroom and GMS make appearances). Had I truly thought this out ahead of time, I may have moved a few tracks around or maybe swapped a few out for something else, but none of that matters, as this is what it is.

While you could just download each of the 04 season mixes (winter, spring, summer, fall) and get most of this journey, hearing the entire thing in full is kind of the way to go. It truly winds you through so much rich history of Goa and I feel it showcases why, even though some of my friends have walked away from this music, it will always have a hold on me.
Happy 20th(ish) anniversary Goa trance!!!
You make my head spin <3

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[artists – track – label]
Hallucinogen – LSD (Live Mix) – Dragonfly
Prana – Boundless (Nervasystem Remix) – Matsuri
Darshan – Hammer Face – Unreleased
Paps – The Real Life – TIP.World
Quirk – Robotised – Matsuri
Synthetic – Africa – Solstice
Juno Reactor – Conga Fury – Blue Room
Prometheus Process – Clarity from Deep Fog – Twisted
The Visitors – Tiny Little Engines – Transient
Blue Planet Corporation – Cyclothymic – Flying Rhino
Infernal Machine – The Loin Sleeps Tonight – Twisted
Shakta – Solar Origins – Sun Trip
Texas Faggott – Back to Mad – Exogenic
Psychopod – Universal Mind – TIP
Scozbor – Peter Pan Syndrome – Random Records
The Zap! – Izopdope – Tip Records
Gus Till – X Tribe (Day of the Great River) – Interchill
Kino Oko – Gigabytes to Understand (Max Pollyul Remix) – Soundcloud
Ticon – Banking Karma – Iboga
Tranan – Moody – Tip.World
Son Kite – Focus (Shiloh Remix) – Digital Structures
XV Kilist – Superfinger – Spiral Trax
Quietman – Now & Zen (Earth Nation Remix) – Platipus
ManMadeMan – Karmaflage (the Light Mix) – AAA
Lucid – Hearts on Holiday (UltraTom Remix) – Psymply Psychedelic
Terrafractyl vs Quench – Sweet Enuff? – Vertigo
Pleiadians – Headspin – Dragonfly
Mantrix – Levels – SUB
California Sunshine – Summer of 99 (Spangle Factory Remix) – Perfecto Fluoro
Sussex – Trance Atlantic – Paradogs
Doof – Angelina (Alternate Mix) – DAT Records
The Infinity Project – Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix) – TIP Records
Green Nuns of the Revolution – Conflict (GMS Remix) – Zero One Music
Kirna – Planetary Pinball – Sound Kitchen Records
The Sebastians – Puputtaja Sepi – Trance Bum Productions
Katy Perry – Hot N Cold (Montti RMX) – Positive Reaction
S.U.N. Project – 360 Volt – Spirit Zone
Bass Chakra – 230,000 Miles (Initiation Mix) – Matsuri
Jon the Dentist – Global Phases – Prolekult
Ololiqui – Del Rio – Spirit Zone
Damon Albarn – Parakeet – Parlophone
Nervasystem & Aether – The Seven Serpents – Elektrik Orgasm
Planet B.E.N. – Questionmark – Polytox
Disco Slickers – I Think… – Naja
Infected Deedrah – My Mummy… – Balloonia
Wizzy Noise – Maniac Distortion – Maniac I.Q Records
ECT – Snowblind – Sphere
Slinky Wizard – Sodom Like There’s No Gomorrah – Flying Rhino
Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins (Bad for Children Mix) – Unreleased
Semsis – Generation Vexed – Atomic
Shiwa 2000 – Bluez Like Me – Hippie Killer Productions
Rip Van Hippy – Que Estas Mas Macho – Psy-Harmonics
Eiji & Jikooha – Harvest in June – Twine Traxx
Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul – Digital Structures
X-Dream – The 5th Dimension (Live in Paris) – Tunnel


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