Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {spring}

…Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {spring}…

Genre: Spring Time Psychedelic Anniversary Goa Trance

Goa Trance, while it did begin popping up a bit here and there in 1991 -> 1994, was truly birthed (according to my KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-GOA brain) in 1995. So that means, 2015 is kind of, for lack of a better origin story, the pseudo (like the science often sampled in the songs) birthday/anniversary of what has been known as Goa Trance.

During the winter time, I made the first of what was going to be a simple two-parter to celebrate the ongoing musical gifts from this often misunderstood genre that has helped shape other genres of music for decades. As I continued my digging and assembling the upbeat mix, I realized that there were still massive missing gaps of sounds, textures, and energies of which should be shared with the world. As I thought about the connections the Goa community has with the moon, sun, and nature, I realized that it would be more appropriate to split the mix into the four seasons.

Winter time was a rough, nasty, heady time. It was fast and will keep you warm throughout the winter. Spring means something else entirely. You need something like a blanket to warm you up as the cold sun starts to shine and warm up the cold roots deeply buried underground. Only then, as the soft pads and minimal techno melodies open up, do we start vibrating again. Getting those morning dews to evaporate off of the grass and rejuvenate the spirit.

This mix starts around 125bpm and does a slow and steady climb up to the upper 130s. Just the proper stopping point for the summer that is just around the corner. We dig from classic vinyl only released to brand shit released earlier this year, with many sounds between. So please, join me this spring and wish a Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance!

(In case you missed the others, they can be found here: winter, spring, summer, fall.)

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[artists – track – label]
Scozbor – Peter Pan Syndrome – Random Records
The Zap! – Izopdope – Tip Records
Gus Till – X Tribe (Day of the Great River) – Interchill
Kino Oko – Gigabytes to Understand (Max Pollyul Remix) – Soundcloud
Ticon – Banking Karma – Iboga
Tranan – Moody – Tip.World
Son Kite – Focus (Shiloh Remix) – Digital Structures
XV Kilist – Superfinger – Spiral Trax
Quietman – Now & Zen (Earth Nation Remix) – Platipus
ManMadeMan – Karmaflage (the Light Mix) – AAA
Lucid – Hearts on Holiday (UltraTom Remix) – Psymply Psychedelic
Terrafractyl vs Quench – Sweet Enuff? – Vertigo



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