Happy 20th (ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {winter}

…Happy 20th(ish) Anniversary Goa Trance! {winter}…

Genre: Winter Time Psychedelic Anniversary Goa Trance

Goa Trance, while it did begin popping up a bit here and there in 1991 -> 1994, was truly birthed (according to my KNOW-EVERYTHING-ABOUT-GOA brain) in 1995. So that means, 2015 is kind of, for lack of a better origin story, the pseudo (like the science often sampled in the songs) birthday/anniversary of what has been known as Goa Trance.

Since its inception, it has taken many forms, changed many styles and sounds, and has even become the soundtrack to the horrible Matrix sequels. But, behind all of the shitty dodgy hippies, burnt out acid casualties, and nomadic loners, there are some truly special ufo communications that were had.

I would like to wish Goa Trance a very happy and healthy 20th anniversary celebration and here is a little mix to get you in the mood. You might know some of these songs. You might not know some of these songs. There is some old, some new, some magic, some blue, some conga, some phasers, a blotter or two.

Much like the great Black Rhino, White Rhino two-part compilation from Flying Rhino Records, this anniversary celebration will be split into two parts. This is definitely the one for when the kids have gone to sleep. We’ll touch upon the morning later this year…

**Editor’s Note: After publishing this mix, the two-part series became a four-part four-seasons mix series. The others can be found here: winter, spring, summer, fall**

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[artists – track – label]
Prana – Boundless (Nervasystem Remix) – Matsuri
Darshan – Hammer Face – Unreleased
Paps – The Real Life – TIP.World
Quirk – Robotised – Matsuri
Synthetic – Africa – Solstice
Juno Reactor – Conga Fury – Blue Room
Prometheus Process – Clarity from Deep Fog – Twisted
The Visitors – Tiny Little Engines – Transient
Blue Planet Corporation – Cyclothymic – Flying Rhino
Infernal Machine – The Loin Sleeps Tonight – Twisted
Shakta – Solar Origins – Sun Trip
Texas Faggott – Back to Mad – Exogenic



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