…is Excited for ZNA!

…the goa constirctor… is excited for ZNA!…

Genre: Super Duper Goa Trance

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…so there’s this festival next summer and I’m super excited for it. It’s called ZNA Gathering and the line-up is quite proper. While I know not all of these songs are gonna get played, I did want to make a mix highlighting the artists who’ll be performing; so this mix has music from the first 21 announced artists performing next summer.

The mix starts off a bit mellow before catching its full-on Goa power, spirals into psychedelic chaos, and back into a solid groove of the cosmos of spacetime.

Tracks from: Astral Projection, Atmos, Domino, GMS / Systembusters, Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Koxbox, Man With No Name, ManMadeMan, Mark Allen, MFG, Noosphere, Quirk, Ray Castle, S>Range, Shaolin Wooden Men, Shpongle, Total Eclipse, Tristan, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Ubar Tmar, Vibrasphere

…is it August 2019 yet?

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[artist — song]
Shpongle – And the Day Turned to Night
Juno Reactor – Guardian Angel
Astral Projection – Let There be Light
Man With No Name – Floor-Essence (Black Light Mix)
Tristan – Close Zen Counters
MFG – Magnetic Activity (Total Eclipse)
Prana – Alien Pets (Free Tibet Mix)
Masaray – Time Traveler Of Trance (Joyfull Natives Remix)
Ubar Tmar – When the Light is Gone ft. Syuntaro Okino
Total Eclipse – Area 51 (Live)
Quirk – Mystic Linguistic
Koxbox – Stratosfierce 2001
Systembusters – Godzilla
Domino and ManMadeMan – Domino Effect
Hallucinogen – Spiritual Antiseptic
S>Range – DOS
Hopefiend – Squawker
Atmos – The Only Process
Noosphere – Noosleap
Vibrasphere – Newport (Vibrasphere Mix)
Shaolin Wooden Men – Galactic


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