Genre: Upbeat Full-On Day Time Goa Trance to Reset your Mindset

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…and we reset…

Each and every year, we are afforded hundreds of opportunities to fall asleep and dream of what’s to come. Then—between those dreams—in our waking hours, we get to experience things unimaginable to others only a few short decades ago. If one isn’t careful, one might find oneself overloaded with options and full of flight from fervent fears and fraught fallacies of freedom and formulaic fun…

From here on out, we mostly keep bringing up the pace and increasing our heart rates.

We swirl around with some pads, breaks, acid, and… balloons.
There are things old, things new, things borrowed, and things… red?

With that, here’s part two of our two-part journey into our reset.
Exhale slowly.
Start anew.

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Terra Ferma
Logic Bomb
Nervasystem & Aether
Xploring Inner Space
Sonic Species
Space Cat
Dino Psaras (featuring Man With No Name)
Texas Faggott
Shakta & Moonweed
7 Seconds


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No added psalts.
100% free range, cage free, organic Psychedelic.
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