Texas Faggott – Kininigin

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Artist: Texas Faggott
Album: Kininigin
Record Label: Exogenic
Artist MySpace Page: myspace.com/texasfaggott
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Faggotts are back.
It’s been a while since Texas Faggott have unlocked your skull, opened your mind and then filled it with puke n piss; but the wait is over and it feels more transcendent than ever before.

If you don’t know Texas Faggott, this review might be a bit rough to follow; but give it a try and maybe you’ll learn something.
In the Psychedelic Trance world, there are some artists who try and write ‘dark’ and ‘evil’ music. At the same time, those artists talk about Bodhisattva and Buddhism. The concept is that experiencing a night of evils makes you face your demons and transcend to a higher level of spiritual awareness and being. The problem is that most of that so called dark and evil music isn’t dark and the “power” that it is supposed to harness is nothing but shit. The music is shit. The enlightenment is shit. It is filled with shit. The punters are not true mandala vandals.

Texas Faggott are not evil, they are not dark, but their music is harder, stronger, more twisted, more chunky, more funky and more expressive than anything those Evil Punters ever produce. What is sad, and sometimes frustrating, is that when most people discuss Texas Faggott, they speak as if the Faggotts are nothing more than pranksters and jokesters. While there is certainly humor in some of their music, they aren’t Flight of the Conchords for the psychedelic world. Over the past 10+ years, the Faggotts have created a strikingly perfect balance of twisted noises and creepy synth lines, and then mixed them up with a bit of humor and cheery playful elements. The resulting product is consistently a mindfuck of epic proportions that will keep you dancing from night into the morning.

Think of this as the difference between the original Evil Dead and the PG-13 remake of ‘Prom Night’ that was recently released. Texas Faggott have all the right skills, like Sam Raimi, where as the Evil Punters are more of a tamed ‘Prom Night’ recreation. They might think they know what they are doing, but they are far from reaching the pinnacles of greatness.

So, back to the album. If you are familiar with the No Possible Soundz comp from 6-Dimension Soundz, then reflect on the track ‘Jet Pilot’ from Flying Scorpions (one half Texas Faggott and one half Squaremeat). Take that track and multiply that by 15 and you have the album. It is dark, but filled with a good spirit to move with. It is twisted and at times will confuse your reality while dancing under the stars this summer, but it will also sedate you and make sure that you are not in any pain during the procedure. And, simply put, it is psychedelic as only the Faggotts know how to produce. There have been others who have tried to emulate the sound, but no one gets it right.

It’s been a long wait since the last Faggott album -something like 4 years- but the new one is here and you’ll want to add it to your collection.
It is everything you have been wanting, even if you didn’t know that this is what your brain was calling out for.

And, as the final clincher as to why this album rules, the Genre listed for the album in iTunes is . . . . Children’s Music.
I think I would have to agree.

After all, life simply is child’s play.
Once you remove your attachments to the physical world and become a true mandala vandal, everything else can be handled by a three year old.


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