Tamlin – Spectrogram

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Artist: Tamlin
Album: Spectrogram
Record Label: Faerie Dragon
Artist Webpage: tamlin.se
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When I first received and began listening to this album, I was worried. When I see a 173bpm listed on an album, I normally run for the hills. I like my music to be psychedelic and have a variety of tempos, but 173 is fast. I don’t normally like fast psytrance. I like some happy hardcore and some of the funner breakcore stuff, but fast pounding psytrance is not my cup of tea.

Fortunately, this album isn’t like that.
Tamlin’s album ‘Spectrogram’ (Faerie Dragon Records) is actually a brilliant multi-tempo’d journey. One with lush melodies and a great driving feel.
Recently I threw the final chapter in a series of events called **GOA PARTY** and after an entire weekend of deeply layered and proper psychedelic music, I have decided that I am simply not going to associate myself with the label PsyTrance anymore. That is what others play. That is the dark annoying, banging Hammer style shit.

I listen to Goa.
Sure, Goa has changed a bit since the days of old, but Goa is still alive and well and the new album by Tamlin is one of those albums.
It is a perfect album for an afternoon BBQ with friends, or for a drive home after dancing in a forest for multiple days. It is an album that starts off slow, 128bpm, and then carries you through a journey of up to 170+ bpm. Along the journey there are various pulses of movement and tripped out psychedelia. There are songs to drive you home, to keep you dancing and ones which will allow for a moment of breathing room and introspection.

The entire album is just that, an entire album. Each song feeds expertly into the next track, never losing sight of the ultimate feeling and goal of the journey and quest it is taking you on.

I admit, I am getting older and I don’t listen to as much fast music these days as i used to. But this album is different than the rest of the fast stuff. It is a truly excellent full length album and is great to listen to in an entire sitting, or for cherry-picking tracks to drop into a set.

If you are looking for an encompassing and engaging album for the afternoon BBQ season that is upon us now, or for those late morning DJ sessions or drives home, give this album a shot.

This is a bloody excellent album and it feels great to listen to the Goa of today.
It is as beautiful as the sun is right now.
Open your heart to the magic.
You’ll be pleased that you did.


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