Luomuhappo – Pallit ja Sielu

Artist: Luomuhappo

Album: Pallit ja Sielu

Label: Freakdance




My ongoing, sometimes obsessive, love affair with all things Freakdance has been given new life over the past 6 months. After a long hiatus, they returned with the jaw droppingly lovely Psychedelic Forest Gnome Folk album by Tekniset and have now brought us the new album from mastermind Luomuhappo! If you don’t already have Luomuhappo’s previous releases, including the audio cassette release of Borealophitecus with its Fear of a Black Hat samples, you are truly missing out.

This album, yet again, finds Luomuhappo exploring the question, “What would happen if you wrote extremely fast psychedelic Suomi trance music and added banjos, hiphop, and bass lines and percussion that would be more at home in genres other than trance?” And, the answer is what it has always been, music that only Luomuhappo can deliver.

(really, every album needs more Wesley Willis samples)

Now, I have to admit, in my day, I have definitely cleared some dancefloors with Luomuhappo. Some tracks are just far too awesome in their glory for a tame audience. If you don’t have a crowd ready to explore some new territory or have only been exposed to proggy stuff all night or some traditional full-on or nothing-but-hammer, the crowd might get confused. But don’t fret. Tease that audience, give them a work out, teach them something. Push their minds and their feet. Ease them into your palm and slowly warp their experience so that when you get to some Luomuhappo, they have no idea what hit them. It’s kind of like squeezing in some Ubar Tmar, not for the faint of heart.

Luckily there are some tracks on here that will serve as a “Beginners Guide to Blowing Your Mind 101” and can fit into a variety of sets. Luomuhappo steps back a bit here and there and simplifies things or slows them down. And some tracks start that way and then go horribly right and busts your skull appropriately.

I think I will just end this review now. This albums is so awesome and is such a delight to listen to, it almost hurts. I can’t wait to rain this down upon some dancefloor this summer. It’s so nice to have Luomuhappo and Freakdance back. Y’all have been missed.

-Shaman Goa Constrictor

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