Loopus in Fabula – Fizzy Beats

Artist: Loopus in Fabula

Album: Fizzy Beats

Label: Fabula Records




I feel like I haven’t written an album review in [insert large number here] [insert measurement of time here]. However as long ago as my last review was, it is nothing compared to the extended delay between the last Loopus in Fabula albums. Time was getting so long and it feels like the world has changed so much, I almost wondered if I would ever get new material to bounce around to. But then the dream became a reality and a new album manifested itself into our lives.

“Fizzy Beats” is the fourth Loopus in Fabula album and it is a wonderful addition to the catalog of Psychedelic Power Disco that has proceeded it. Containing 10 songs that all carry an upbeat energy and positive dance floor experience, I find it hard to believe that anyone would not enjoy this album. But then again, I get confused by a lot of the stuff other people listen to, so maybe my perspective is just whack. Anyway…

So in the long line of music that Loopus in Fabula has released upon the world, there has been a change and development in the overall sound. The very first album (self titled and released by Demon Tea Records) is more straight forward than the other two albums. Instead of focusing on catchy sampled pop hooks and referenced riffs, that first album was a new form of psychedelic disco trance that had a nice original and almost minimal techno feel to it. Then Loopus in Fabula released the oh-so-wonderful “Funky Town” track and from there on out, sampling and reinterpreting seemed to be the corner and root of the next couple of albums and compilation tracks. It was excellent music but it was not that first album. “Fizzy Beats” seems to have found the balance between the two.

There is certainly a lot of sampled and referenced material within the scope of the album, but how those riffs are reworked is a treat and it doesn’t feel like this is sticking to a tried and true formula. Maybe it is nothing more than the lapsing of time, but the freshness of this album feels like a release of energy. Maybe I am also biased because I played The Wiggles ‘Mashed Potato’ at my sister’s wedding, so hearing that riff within this album fills my head with happy memories, but isn’t that what all music does? Music is more than a theoretical math problem to analyze, it is about expressing emotions and sharing life stories. It accompanies everything and Loopus in Fabula offer to the world a funky, chunky, psychedelic, techno, disco, trance, pop aesthetic that is not matched by others. And I love Loopus in Fabula for this.

In short, if you have enjoyed any of the previous Loopus in Fabula albums, you’ll probably like this one. If you’ve never been a convert, I don’t really know if this one will change your mind, but maybe you should spend the 71 minutes to find out. You might find a few smiles and joy within the album and that is what it is all about. Enjoying yourself.

Welcome back Loopus in Fabula! Please don’t disappear for another 4 years.


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