Music in the New Year

So over the past year, I’ve become quite disconnected with music in general.
When I do listen to music, most of the time it is pop music. I spend more time writing my own music and that is strictly a pop affair. It seems that there is less and less psychedelic trance music that moves me anymore. It still exists, definitely, but it’s just not the same.
I miss the deep sounds of Paps and the depth of Slinky Wizard. I miss the rolling layers of sound of Etnica/Pleiadians. I miss the lush bass of and funk of the Green Nuns of the Revolution. And while some of these artists are still composing music in some fashion, they are writing music of a new sound that just doesn’t resonate with me anymore.

Perhaps I am finding less music that resonates with me because I am playing out less and my broadcasting computer is busted. Maybe I need an audience to care about this stuff anymore. But maybe booking gigs will simply make me fake it and I’ll just play insincere gigs, which would be lame as fuck.

But there are good albums coming out. I keep listening to them and I can recognize the quality within some of these releases, but then I still find it hard to get excited by it. It’s a strange place to be. That said, I am going to be more active in 2013 than I was in 2012 and do my best to rekindle my love with the psychedelic music. Hopefully I’ll find some new artists that resonate within me and then I can share whatever it is that I find.

I still love the music that I always have, but it’s time to find something new to move along with.
Let’s hope for the best!

Happy 2013 everyone!
Much love

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