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Genre: 90’s Classic Goa Trance

As a DJ who has been actively digging through crates for more than 15 years and networking socially a bit less than that, one thing that I have always hated was a DJ mix with repetitive track listings. A mix with 4 tracks by the same artist sounds bland and uninspired. There is sooooo much great music out there, why waste your time making a mix with 3 tracks by the same artist? In fact, I don’t even care to listen to those mixes, they are pointless and for others to enjoy; I need something more. I like variety and journeys and stories. I also like games. I once noticed a common connection with all of my favorite artists. To me, the music I liked was coming from an incestuous high school wherein everyone made music with everyone else. It was the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon phenomenon, only with Psychedelic Trance. For this mix, I decided to test out my theory and turn it into a bit of a game for the listener while also creating a mix that is reminiscent of all the shitty mixes I have avoided over the years. From start to finish, each track is made, in part, by the person who made the track prior. We journey all around and eventually (2 disks later) land at the end.

Here’s how the mix works:


Solo Song from One Artist of the Collaboration

A New Collaboration Featuring Previous Artist and Someone New

A New Solo Song from the Previous Collaborations New Partner

Etc, etc, etc

(example not from mix: Deedrah -> Infected Deedrah -> Infected Mushroom -> Cat on Mushroom -> Space Cat…)

So, what’s the game?

I know you want a track list, and I have it, but I’m not giving it yet.

This is a game for 604 Goa Dork Points.

Each time a track comes on, I want you to try to predict what will come next. You already know one of the artists, now guess the next song.

And tell you what, here are the opening and closing tracks, can you guess how I get from A -> B without even listening to the mix?

UX – Master of the Universe – Ultimate Experience – Dragonfly

…bunch of stuff…

Juno Reactor – Rotorblade – Beyond the Infinite – Blue Room

Some of the mixing is a bit rough, as this was made on-the-fly and not practiced or anything; some songs I hadn’t listened to in a very long time. Also, most Collaboration tracks are collaborations, however a couple are remixes by one artist of another. And one Collaboration is not listed as a collaboration, but if you know who writes the track, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ve had this idea for a mix for a long time, but it was the contest setup at goatranch.com that made me get my ass in gear and make it. Good thing that contest happened, this mix would have probably always stayed in Idea Land without reason…

[click the spoiler button If you want to view the answer key]

[artists – track – album/12″ – label]

UX – Master of the Universe – Ultimate Experience – Dragonfly

Slide – First Contact – 12″ – Transient

Satori – Event Horizon – 12″ – Aquarius

Process – X-1 – Abstract Phase – Matsuri

Beast – Spawn – 12″ – Twisted

Hallucinogen – Magik – Beyond Color – TIP

Infernal Machine – The Loin Sleeps Tonight – 12″ – Twisted

Green Nuns of the Revolution – Fire – Chakra Journey – Return to the Source

Prana – Scarab (Green Nuns of the Revolution Remix) – Geomantik – Matsuri

Prana – Boundless – 12″ – Matsuri

Prana – Black Rain (Blue Planet Corporation Remix) – 12″ – P.O.F.

Blue Planet Corporation – Cyclothymic – 12″ – Flying Rhino

Planet Slink – Suffocate Bullet – Black Rhino – Flying Rhino

Slinky Wizard – Funkus Munkus – First Flight – Flying Rhino

Slinky Wizard – The Wizard (Koxbox Remix) – Air Born – Flying Rhino

Psychopod – Universal Mind – Headlines – TIP

The Infinity Project – Life Is… (Koxbox Remix) – Too Pure – TIP

The Infinity Project – Uforica – Yellow Comp – TIP

The Infinity Project – Feeling Weird – Project II Trance – Dragonfly

Man With No Name – Sugar Rush (Refined Mix) – Moment of Truth – Concept in Dance

**Juno Reactor – Pistolero (Man With No Name Remix) – 12″ – Blue Room

Juno Reactor – Rotorblade – Beyond the Infinite – Blue Room

** It appears that this is improperly listed on the 12″ sleeve as a Man With No Name remix when in fact it is not. Which means that the end of the mix is a bit inaccurate. Sorry.



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