The Mysterious Fog Rainbow



Genre: Foggy / Cloudy / Relaxing / Psychedelia


Every now and then in life, something new is seen. Something forgotten is remembered. Something lost is found. Something unknown is learned. Something ignored is cherished. Sometimes the sting that hurts becomes familiar and desired. Sometimes the rainbow in our soul is nothing but fog. Sometimes the fog that we see is really a rainbow.

This mix is a slow one. A mellow one. A foggy one. Hopefully it’ll add a touch of rainbow into your world as well. We all need one…

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[artists – album – label]

Spyweirdos & Floros Floridis – The Sound Between Us – Creative Space Records

Excess Head – 10 Kilors – 10 Kilo

Dntel – Life Is Full Of Possibilities – Plug Research

Radiohead – The Bends – Parlophone

Hesius Dome – Travel Bug – Psy-Harmonics

Quietman – Shhhh – Platipus

Jesus Jones – Already – EMI

Boy is Fiction – Consume – Psy-Harmonics

Mark Franklin – Afterburn – Waxtrax!

Mogwai – New Paths to Helicon (Live) – [unknown]

Blur – 13 – EMI

Orbital – Snivilisation – FFRR

Ween – Mollusk – Elektra



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