This here is psome pseriously pspiritual psychedelic pshit! Pspecifically and pspecially made for those late late nights and early early mornings, this mix starts off with a subtle and groovy Slinky Wizard track and then it drifts into a new direction. There are various twists and turns along the path, but when you reach the end, you’ll be calmed by the relaxing sounds of Quirk.

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[artist – track – label]

Slinky Wizard :: People Like Us :: Flying Rhino

Spacecake :: Smug Druggler :: Elektrik Orgasm Records

The Zap! :: Start Again :: TIP.World

Texas Faggott :: [unreleased] :: [unreleased]

Oikeusjyvä :: Faggy Goth Kid :: Hippie Killer Productions

Delirious Noon :: Brainbow :: Vertigo

Phosphoric :: Kuchi-Koo :: Jolly Fill Music

Skazi Feat. Isabelle:: Revolution (Atomic Pulse Remix) :: BNE

Odd Harmonic :: Psy Psuckers :: 6-Dimension Soundz

Pavel Svimba & Calamar Audio :: Aamustufee :: Anitscarp

M.E.E.O. :: Ball of Gum :: Demon Tea

Vector :: Condens (Signs Of Love) :: Planet Rhythm

Quirk :: El Molino De Viento :: Matsuri



Questions? Email: goa[at]goaconstrictor[dot]com

No added psugars.
No added psalts.
100% free range, cage free, organic Psychedelic.
Available at a Psychedelicatessen near you.




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