It sure was a long winter, followed directly by a long spring. Then summer crept up and BAM!! Life was pummeling away, one punch, one day, one shot at a time. It was kind of overwhelming. Classes to teach, classes to take, displaced homelife, sewers runneth over, weddings, afterparties, more weddings, more choas, with even less time. Like the Big Squeeze that preceeded the Big Bang, sometimes the pressure of life builds and culminates in explosive ways.

This mix is a journey throughout spacetime and for those weeks of ever evolving stresses and compressions.
The twitching eye during an insomnia filled week of no sleep brought upon by stresses and change.
The twitchy eye can become quite troublesome, but try to stay focused.
Sit back, take a deep breath, try to ignore the increasing heat levels, and let the stress pass through you.
Send the twitchy stress to the far off reaches of deep space.

For there is always hope in the deep…

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Hibernation – The Littlest Computer
Birds of Paradise – Presenting Infinity
Messy Mass and Baba Gnohm – Yes, I Like Shawarma
Jam Jarr – Peace is War
Kino Oko – Swirl Spiral Twist
Mogwai – How to be a Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix)
Jucid – Salila
Pulseprogramming – Within the Ordinary Life
Jacob Israel – Soundtracks for Salvation
Balmorhea – Harm and Boon (Fun Toy Remix)
Gary Wright – Dream Weaver (Supreme Beings of Leisure Remix)
Juno Reactor – Pistolero (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)
Keramick and Lobo – Whisper Tree
Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees (Polish Ambassador Remix)
Dank – Ocean Girl
Mr. Sakitumi – Element of Surprise
Fun Toy – Lower Yourself Down
Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Mr. Sakitumi Remix)
Ween – Flies on my Dick
Becky – Less Than Three (Shrubbery Remix)



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