Project Epona



After I made my first mixed CD, 60420, I knew that there were more sounds that I wanted to explore. More aliens to meet. More 303s to ring in my ear. I knew that I wanted the journey to be full-on psychedelic, funky, and fun.

This is what happened.

I got enough positive feedback on this mix that this was the first mix of mine to get a sequel, Project Epona 2: Goa All Over Your Face, a few years later. I’ve been waiting years to unleash the final part in this uncensored trilogy of mind melting psychedelic good times, so perhaps—if the universes aligns properly this summer—the long awaited Project Epona 3 [NAME WITHHELD FOR NOW] will see it’s glorious light of day!

Until then, enjoy a little 2001 full on Alien Acid glory!
Also, small Editor’s Note: This was originally recorded on DAT and the tail end of the mix got cut off when I transferred it over to CD, but since CDs are relics of the past, don’t be surprised to find this one re-released in full and complete audio glory at some point!

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Alphanaut – 12″ – Spirit Zone
X.I.S. – 12″ – Nephiliam
Satori – Kreepy Krawly – Transient
Cyberkrist – Crossworld 12″ – Transient
Eupsychia – 12″ – Shiva Space Technology
Texas Faggott – 12″ – Psy-Harmonics
Planet Slink – Black Rhino – Flying Rhino
Hallucinogen – Twisted – Dragonfly
Nervasystem & Aether – The Seven Serpents – Elektrik Orgasm Records
Dire Straits – Money For Nothing – Warner Bros
Etnica – 12″ – Blue Room Released
(and this is where the DAT -> CD Transfer cuts off. Will have to pull out the old DAT to sort out what these final tracks really are…)
Slide – ? – ?
Green Nuns of the Revolution – ? – ?
Shaolin Wooden Men – ? – Matsuri


-King Goa

Questions? Email: goa[at]goaconstrictor[dot]com

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