Project Epona 2 – Goa All Over Your Face




This is what happened.

I got enough positive feedback on the offensively covered Project Epona mix that I decided to make my first sequel. It goes down some strange acid trance territory and kind of jizzes in the face of all that people who hold Goa dear to their hearts. But it jizzes with love. As I love the Goa, but sometimes it needs to to be teased with and played around with for it do something new and exciting.

Sometime soon I will unleash the full, raw, uncensored final part to the Project Epona trilogy, but so far, the time has not been right. Stay tuned though, for when the Project gets dropped, it’s sure to leave a lot of people feeling kinda weird.

I could use some help with this track listing though. Tracks have been sorted! Thanks Team Goa Cares-A-Lot! =) =)

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The Snakebite Sermon – (Weird Creepy Christian Record)
Deedrah – The Wizard Demo – Question Mark ?ecords
Wizzy Noise – Dark City 12″ – 3D Vision
Synchro – F-Buckets 12″ – Tip.World
Eat Static – Epidemic – Mesmobeat
Jon the Dentist – Pulp Fiction (Shimmon & Woolfson Remix) – TEC
JouJouka – X-Rock – Radiosonic Records
Hopefiend – Squawker – Plusquam
Infected Mushroom – Small Moves 12″ – Shiva Space Technology
Midi Miliz – Feet in the Air- Non Standards – Wakyo
Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (Coburn Remix) -[White Label]
DJ Ayashige – Hi-Energy – MadSkippers
Violet Vision – Cellophane [Sub6 & Domestic RMX) – BNE


-King Goa

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