On The Left


Genre: Psychedelic Progressive Mellow Mid Tempo

Here’s an old one from the vault. I wanted to make a generic “progressive trance” mix, as those can be real nice to listen to during the right moments, but as with most of my mixes, something went a bit awry in the middle there. It’s a lovely and short mini-mix of progressive and mid tempo fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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[artists – track]
Ticon – 1987
XV Kilist & Rocco – Bleed
Sasha – Who Killed Sparky?
Vishnudata – Relux
Blue Planet Corporation – Roma
Ween – Blue Balloon
Daft Punk –
Younger Brother – All I Want
Kixotek – Ouroborus Dance
Outolintu –
Ott –



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