A Psynny Afternoon Mix


Genre: Psynny Afternoon Psychedelic Trance

I love seasons.
Seasons are great.
From the cold and rainy fall -> spring to the warm and sunny spring -> fall; seasons just kick ass.

It’s been a long spring of health issues, moving and car issues, and then stresses of broken bones and the beginning of summer festival season. Throughout it all, there have been stresses as well as joys. It’s been overwhelmingly positive and I feel like life has grown much around me.
Sometimes, on any particular day, I just need some good bouncy progressive and acidic psychedelic trance to feel the energies of the cosmos around me.

I decided to hit Record on Traktor when I started this mix, not knowing where it would lead me.
There are some rough patches and my lovely partner came home in the beginning and cut herself on a fan, so there is a bit of chaos as I got distracted and helped her out before she left for work. Then I got back into the groove, found some new progressive trance that was suggested to me, and journeyed throughout the sunshine.

It was a glorious Psynny Afternoon and I hope that the mix takes you someplace full of life as it did me.
The track list is below. Either check it out before the journey, or enjoy the ride first before researching the sounds that you heard.

Feed the flames and the love and I look forward to seeing you all on a dancefloor again soon!

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[artists – track]

Zen Lemonade – Spinning Metal
Blue Planet Corporation – Micromega (Bumbling Loons Mix)
Satori – Liquid Sky
Green Oms – Check Out Girl
Electric Universe – Lazerbass
Texas Faggott – Early Cry
Hallucinogen – Jiggle of the Sphinx
Eraser vs Yojalka – 90’s Hangover
Mantrix – Universal Reflections
Astroschautzer – Vapaaehoinen Taidebiisi
Mista Spalding – Kaerf
Cycle Sphere vs Eskimo – Get Down
The Zap! – I Can See Rainbows
The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun
AudioGramme Metahuman – Dreaming
Ten-G – Nine
Sensient – Sloid
Beat Bizarre – Idiom
Jurek Przezdziecki – La Piece Blue (Fuzzion Remix)
Ticon – Banking Karma
New Order – Temptaion
The Beatles – Because (The Zap! Remix)
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Kiwa Remix)
Pavel Svimba – Fucking Brains
Biz Markie – Just a Friend (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
Bruno Mars – Count On Me
Electric Universe – Psystep
eXuUs – Ievan Polkka
Man With No Name – Subterfuge
Koxbox – Fuel On (Transwave Remix)
Texas Faggott – Kikkooman



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