Ancient Astronaut Theory


Genre: PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE / GOA / BREAKS / “trippy” / lol

When I was invited to take a party on an exploratory mission through the universe, I knew that I wanted to travel to worlds they would have never experienced before. I was not about to play the same standards that they may have heard over the years. This was a chance to violate a beautifully large sound system and crash land a flying saucer into some unsuspecting heads.

I think I accomplished this task.

Here is a recording of the chaos that was laid down at Esthetic Evolution 2011. It’s one hell of a full power ride through the galaxy and might get you pulled over by the galactic police force, so pay attention to the laws.

Safe travels!

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Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance (remix)
Flimsy Wing – Vibraspirit 23.11.23 – SunDance – [something in Japanese]
Rhythmik – Wet Paint EP – [Self Released]
ECT – Extra Celestial Transmission: The Remasters – Ektoplazm
Mandalavandalz – Hong Kong Knightlife – Karelia
The Prodigy – Omen (SynSun Remix)
Sienis – Seriously Unserious – Peyotii
Havoc – Music with Colors – 6-Dimension Soundz
Mindex – Cats on Air – Jolly Fill Music
The Nam Shub of Enki – Fuck Piece – Demon Tea
Double Dragon – Shudder/Crunch [12″] – Phantasm
Wizack Twizack – Pathogenesis – Digital Drugs
Joujouka – Ana No Kawa [12″] – Matsuri
Hallucinogen – Blue Comp – TIP
Foxdye – Northwest Sigh



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