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Genre: Psychedelic Post Solstice Morning Reflection Goa Trance

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There’s a common old adage in the world: Hindsight is 2020. While there is definitely something to be said for that, hindsight is far less helpful than foresight. Hopefully, if you are constantly reflective and learning from where you came from, you may have a better idea of where you are going as well; therefore, one’s foresight should improve with hindsight reflection.

Life isn’t perfect though. Sometimes we will get lost. Sometimes we’ll wander at night, facing the impact of those new choices one makes and the new trails one chooses to walk down, unsure of where we’ll be when the morning dawn arrives.

In many ways, I’ve been in a perpetual dawn for years; slowly seeing more and more of what is around me as each moment the sun creeps out of its hiding. 2019 was the culmination of forty years of journeys for me and 2020 is the unmooring of a new ship’s adventure.

there’s good ships
and wood ships
and ships that sail the sea
but the best ships
are friendships
and may they always be

This mix is a bit slow, a bit full-on, a bit acid, a bit metal, a bit progressive, and a bit uplifting. While I wish I had the foresight to have done one of these transitions differently, life is full of stubbed toes and lost ear plugs, so maybe the transition is exactly how it should be…

Now, let’s see if we can make our foresight as clear as our hindsight in 2020!

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[artist — song]
Bumbling Loons – Velvet Dreams
Prana – Voyager III (Oforia vs Tsuyoshi vs Dede Remix)
SpaceNoize & Vertical Mode – The Sorcery
Mirson – Island of Sanity
S.U.N. Project – Shmok
Darshan – Fuse
Dark Soho – Depths of Emotions (No Comment Remix)
The Delta – Traveling at the Speed of Thought (Xerox & Dark Soho Remix)
Johann – Stranded (The Delta Remix)
Spies – Ceremoniak
Originals – Abc
Texas Faggott – Brothers in Oneness
Satori – Normal Existence


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