Various Artists – Ultrapop 2

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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Ultrapop 2
Record Label: Fabula Records
Label Website:
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Just as summer is starting to slow down and the weather is evening out, the BBQ album of the year is released. Thank God. It’s about freakin’ time.

Ultrapop 2 is not only the follow up to Fabula Records first compilation Ultrapop, but it stands as a collection of the most enjoyable psychedelic disco and funk music that this planet has to offer. It is all upbeat, all positive and all fun. Nothing on here makes you think that fall is coming. It is all Spring Fever and Summer Lovin’. Some people frown upon fun n happy psychedelic music. They think it is less serious and intentional. That you cannot find Bodhisattva by smiling. Those people are wankers and are missing a very important step to it all. Why be enlightened if you do not feel good?

The tracklist on the comp is filled with the best of the best. Loopus in Fabula, Vishnudata, Kiwa, Krumelur, Ocelot, Tom Cosm, Talpa and the most wonderful Paul Kearney (who, in theory, should have an album out one of these days . . . ). The tracks range from complete originals to sample-based-updated-remix-mashups of old classics, but none of the tracks feel soulless or thrown together. Each moment of afternoon delight springs forward with a bounce that is refreshing, even if you already know the bassline.

I don’t know what else to tell you right now. The album rocks. It will easily fill many dancefloors and your head will be transported to a magical world of BBQ’s, unicorns and sunshine within moments. You’ll probably want to buy new shoes with the album, for I presume that you’ll wear them out rather quickly. Perhaps that is what Fabula Records should offer us next. Custom Fabula Dancing Shoes.


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