Various Artists – Golden Vibes 3

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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Golden Vibes 3
Record Label: Old is Gold
Label MySpace Page:
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Grapefruit is a delicious fruit.
It is tart and sweet. It is juicy and has yummy vitamins in it.
It mixes wonderfully with gin and can also accompany a bit of tequila.
Grapefruit is a good fruit.

I spent a large chunk of time writing a review this afternoon. This review. But then it disappeared.
It got deleted from my saved folder. 🙁
Now, this could have been user error. Things happen and maybe I did something that was not quite right. But maybe it vanished for a reason.
Maybe, just maybe, that original review and writeup got erased because I subconsciously knew that it needed to go and that we needed to start this discussion from this area.

This new beginning of lost pasts.

Once upon a time, long long ago, some white hippies went to India and lost their brains and “found” spirituality.

Time passed and Goa Trance turned into PsyTrance which then opened up the umbrella of what we have today.

I call it a mess.

Sure, there is some excellent music within, there always will be, but overall, something changed.
The energy, the kernel, the idea, the belief.

I bet you’re wondering when I am going to get to the point of this review. It’s coming. One second.

When Goa Trance was new, when it was playing with PsyTrance and cradling the new-comers, it was fending for itself and protecting itself from a harsh a dirty underground dance scene and outer society that didn’t want it around. It took any advantage it could and protected the young. As it got older, it lost sight of some of its soul. It gained stability, structure and a better future of support; but it lost spirit.

Music started to sound “better”, better production, better synths, better basslines, better drums. It was more full and dynamic, but less interesting. Some of it was still quite good, but it sounded way different than it had started out as. Anytime a person would want to play something from the past, it was looked at as a Throw Back or Retro. The songs lost all association to the current group and trend that was ushering in a new scene and a new generation of Alien Enthusiasts. They forgot about the Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies and what really existed 230,000 Miles Above the Earth. Interstellar Contact was lost and the world of today dances differently.

Which is cool. I now listen to lots of house music. I have changed too. What I lost touch with, however, is something that I am rediscovering all over again. And it feels great. Remember growing up when people said shit like: ‘High school is the greatest time of your life’? Or you hear people talk about ‘hindsight being 20/20’ and ‘if they could do it over again, they would do it like this’?

Welcome to 2008.
Perhaps it is time.
There was an initial draw to Goa Trance and Psychedelic Techno culture in 1995. There was a reason a lot of us blasted off and those reasons are still valid. Perhaps more so now than they were back then. Times have changed, but religion works because it doesn’t change. It is the unchanging belief in something that stands through hundreds of years that makes religion so strong.

So. Golden Vibes 3. It is an extremely stupid title. It makes me think of a Wall-Mart “techno” section in their CD aisle. However, the disk is right. It is perfect. It is old Total Eclipse and Shakta lead lines and melodies, but it is not. It has the energy and the love and drive from long ago, but with the wisdom of today. It is old, but new. It is the tummy ache from eating too much ice cream before bed. It is what we need today.

While I know people aren’t going to be rushing out and writing good Goa anytime soon, hopefully the trend will continue and we will see more like this. I’d be happy if all artists remastered their original albums and released them again. If Mozart can be redone 2349872398 times, why not Transwave? Why do we have to listen to new songs which suck, while old songs that were good are ignored because of crappy production?

Golden Vibes 3, is a great compilation. It has spirit, soul, energy, fun and great sample work. SciFi, spiritual, enlightenment samples and hi-nrg lead lines. It is love and cheese. It is perfect and now that my hindsight is 20/20, I appreciate this album greatly and look forward to hearing more.

Golden Vibes 3.
It is golden.

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